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Reviews: Tesla presents quarterly figures - a preview

Tesla doubles profit and promises record-half year

 Tesla doubles profit and promises record-half year Despite the pandeme-related production failures in China and persistent supply chain problems, Tesla almost doubled the profit in the second quarter. Thanks to strong price increases, the electric car manufacturer earned $ 2.3 billion and thus 98 percent more than a year ago. This was announced by star entrepreneurs Elon Musk on Wednesday after the U.S. Castle Castle. © David Zalubowski/AP/dpa The Tesla company logo lights up in a shopping center in Denver.

Tesla legt Quartalszahlen vor - eine Vorschau © Reuters Tesla presents quarterly figures - a preview - The US electric car manufacturer Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) will present its figures for the past quarter on October 19, 2022 Expect analysts from the figure.

Analysts surveyed by estimate the profit per share (EPS) for the past quarter to $ 1.03. In the same period last year, the EPS was $ 1.86. This would correspond to a profit decline of 44.62 percent.

The analysts for the past annual quarter estimate sales to $ 22.5 billion. Compared to the same period last year, this corresponds to an increase of 63.52 percent. At that time, Tesla had implemented $ 13.76 billion.

Tesla implicated in a fatal accident while the autopilot was activated

 Tesla implicated in a fatal accident while the autopilot was activated © SP/Tesla Tesla implicated in a fatal accident while the autopilot was activated A biker lost his life in an accident in the accident Road involving a Tesla whose automatic pilot had been activated. An investigation has been opened. A biker was killed early Sunday July 24 after a collision with an Tesla , Draper, in Utah, reports The Verge . The car, whose autopilot was activated, would have struck the back of the motorcycle.

The Tesla share showed a positive course reaction on the last quarter report. The paper rose from $ 271.71 to $ 271.71 and thus increased 10.66 percent.

The average Tesla course of 39 analysts surveyed is $ 301.37 in the next $ 12 months. Based on the current course, this corresponds to an earnings potential of 47.02 percent. The most optimistic estimate amounts to $ 530.00, the pessimistic estimate of $ 83.33.

22 Analysts recommend the Tesla share for purchase and 11 to hold. There are four sales recommendations.

According to Investing Pro models , the fair value of the Tesla share is $ 230.42 at the time the report is created. This results in a potential at the top of 12.4 percent according to the underlying fair value models from

Tesla share: PG & E and SCE customers can earn money with Tesla Powerwalls

 Tesla share: PG & E and SCE customers can earn money with Tesla Powerwalls California's electricity supplier PG & E and SCE cooperate with Tesla to secure the power supply: If you have a Tesla, you can get the electricity from the wallbox for two US dollars per Sell ​​kWh. This is how the "largest virtual battery in the world" is to be created. © provided by Andrew Burton/Getty Images • Households with Tesla Powerwall can feed the electricity from the Wallbox at peak times into the power grid • At the end of the season, the participants receive two US dol

The Fair Value calculates from different models that are composed at the end and result in the fair value of the share specified above. This includes discounted cash flow, residual Income Model, Dividend Discount Model, Earnings Power Value, Price/Earnings Model, EBITDA Multiples Model, Cost of Capital and others.

In the past 52 weeks, the Tesla paper has moved in a span of 204.16 to $ 414.5. The share is currently changing the owner for $ 204.99.

via Tesla :

Tesla, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, sells and rents fully electric vehicles and energy generation and storage systems and offers services related to its products. The company's automotive segment includes design, development, production, sales and leasing of electric vehicles as well as the sale of emission certificates for motor vehicles. In addition, the automotive segment also includes services and other things that includes customer service for vehicles without guarantee, the sale of used cars, retail, sales by the subsidiaries acquired to third -party customers and vehicle insurance. The energy generation and storage segment includes the development, manufacture, installation, the sale and renting of products to produce solar energy and energy storage as well as the associated services and the sale of incentives for solar systems. His automotive products include Model 3, Model Y, Model S and Model X. Powerwall and Megapack are its lithium-ion battery energy storage products.

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demand problems: Tesla wants to boost his sales again at the end of the year .
Tesla grants its customers in the USA and Europe a supercharger bonus if they receive their vehicle this year. © provided by Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images • USA: Tax benefits from 2023 lead to cancellations at Tesla • Germany: Tesla compensates for lower environmental bonus if delivery is only made in the new year: Europe and USA: Tesla- Buyers receive 10,000 free miles/kilometers of Superchargers USA: Tax benefits from January 1, 2023 As Electrek reports, buyers of an Teslas in the US

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