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Reviews: chip manufacturer: Infineon builds new work in Dresden and screws goals higher

Sixt orders several thousand electric cars from the Chinese manufacturer BYD

 Sixt orders several thousand electric cars from the Chinese manufacturer BYD The car rental Six has "ordered several thousand" electric cars from the Chinese manufacturer BYD and has agreed to buy "around 100,000 other electric vehicles in the following six years". Customers of Sixt in Germany, France, the Netherlands and Great Britain should be able to rent an E-car from BYD in the fourth quarter, i.e. from October, as both companies announced on Tuesday. Sixt had recently announced that it "significantly" increased the e-car content in its fleet.

Bedingung für den Bau ist eine staatliche Subventionierung. Foto: dpa © provided by Wirtschaftswoche condition for construction is state subsidy. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright =

The Munich chip group Infineon has announced the greatest individual investment in its history. A new work in Dresden is to be built for five billion euros.

Infineon is building a new work in Dresden for five billion euros. The company said that the 300 millimeter manufacturing capacities for analog and mixed signal chips as well as for performance collapse should be expanded on Monday in Munich. It is the greatest individual investment in the history of the company. This could create up to 1000 jobs. The Supervisory Board approved the expansion of production. "Dresden is a planned manufacturing location, subject to reasonable public funding," said the message. The factory could go into operation in autumn 2026.

Logistics: Looking for a truck driver! This study reveals the explosiveness of the problem

 Logistics: Looking for a truck driver! This study reveals the explosiveness of the problem © provided by Wirtschaftswoche Colleagues: In Germany, too few people make their truck driver's license - the industry is running out of the industry. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = logistician are desperately looking for drivers. Scientists suspect that the lack of personnel in the driver's cab is larger than in care. One consequence: wages for the truckers could finally rise.

At the same time, the Munich semiconductor manufacturer screwed up its long -term growth goals. In the future, the proceeds should increase by more than ten percent a year, one percentage point is more than previously predicted. The automotive, industrial and renewable energy markets, which Infineon mainly supplies with its chips, showed "increasing dynamics and permanently strong growth factors," the company explained the investment and increasing its goals. The operational return on sales (segment result) should be significantly higher at 25 (previously: 19) percent than before.

As early as the current financial year (by the end of September), Infineon expects a margin of 24 percent, sales should increase to 15.5 billion euros with a range of 500 million in both directions. "The 2023 financial year that has just started has started well," said Infineon boss Jochen Hanebeck. Nevertheless, in view of the economic and political uncertainties, vigilance is required.

"No sale of Elmos": Kühnert demands greater economic independence from China

 you have to learn from the Russian gas deliveries and should not sell the chip manufacturer Elmos to China, says the SPD general secretary. Not only does he see it that way. © Photo: Photo: dpa/Britta Pedersen Kevin Kühnert (SPD) speaks at the meeting in the Bundestag. (Archive) SPD General Secretary Kevin Kühnert , on the other hand, has spoken out that the federal government approves the sale of the Dortmund chip manufacturer Elmos to the subsidiary of a Chinese group .

2022 made sales of 29 percent up to 14.2 billion euros. The segment result improved by 63 percent to 3.4 billion euros. The company thus exceeded the expectations of the analysts. According to the figures, the share rose by 7.5 percent to 31.43 euros.

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