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Reviews: Landkreisstag President - Land districts come with rising number of refugees to borders

Ukrainklieg: 160,000 Ukrainian children registered in German schools

 Ukrainklieg: 160,000 Ukrainian children registered in German schools Half a year after the beginning of the Russian attack on Ukraine, the number of Ukrainian children and adolescents registered at schools in Germany has increased to over 160,000. As the Conference of Ministers of Education (KMK) announced on Tuesday, 163 253 refugees were registered in the past week, 3650 more than during the week before. The countries report the numbers to the KMK weekly. © dpa Since February, German schools have taken up Ukrainian refugees.

Berlin (Reuters) - The President of the German Land Council (DLT), Reinhard Sager, has warned of overloading the counties in view of the increasing figures of refugees from Ukraine.

ARCHIV: Flüchtlinge in einem Notlager in Berlin, Deutschland © Thomson Reuters Archive: Refugees in an emergency camp in Berlin, Germany

As Sager told the editorial network Germany in advance on Friday, the counties will reach their limits with regard to their accommodation capacity. The number of refugees who have been housed centrally in emergency accommodation such as tents or gyms is already increasing. "We have to assume that tent cities have to be built again when the refugee number increases," said the DLT president. The willingness of private individuals to provide refugees with accommodations.

admission of refugees from Ukraine: Land helps municipalities

 admission of refugees from Ukraine: Land helps municipalities With more money, the state government wants to help cities and municipalities in Schleswig-Holstein with the admission and integration of refugees from Ukraine. "We want to do this well, there are no gymnasiums," said Prime Minister Daniel Günther (CDU) on Monday after a meeting with the municipal umbrella organizations. He described the agreement made as fair. © Jens Büttner/dpa/symbol image A man holds a Ukrainian passport in his hand.

The German Association of Cities and Municipalities asked the federal and state governments to prepare emergency accommodation. "The municipalities cannot additionally accept the figures of 500,000 people predicted by individual migration researchers, especially since the number of asylum applications also increases again," said a spokesman for the Association of Cities and Municipalities. The Federal Government urgently has to work towards the European Commission for a solidarity and European solution in asylum and refugee policy. In many cities and municipalities, the recording capacities are already exhausted.

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Saudi Arabia: A report denounces the abrupt conditions of detention of Ethiopians .
© Eduardo Soteras / AFP An Ethiopian reacts when arriving at Addis Ababa airport after being repatriated from Saudi Arabia, March 30 2022. Amnesty International denounces the fate reserved for Ethiopian migrants in Saudi Arabia. According to the NGO, hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian migrants were "arbitrarily detained" in "abominable" conditions, sometimes "tortured", then finally returned from "force" to Ethiopia.

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