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Reviews: Riesa: BMW and cyclist collide

Porsche Rast with full throttle to the

 Porsche Rast with full throttle to the stock exchange despite the difficult stock market environment, Porsche promises to succeed this Thursday. The demand for the shares is great - and thus also the sales proceeds for Volkswagen. © Frank Schneider/Imagebroker/Picture Alliance Provided by Deutsche Welle After Deutsche Telekom, Porsche will probably put the second largest IPO of German economic history on Thursday. The IPO of the VW subsidiary could be a complete success. The shares can still be drawn by Wednesday afternoon.

on a pedestrian light opposite the Volkshaus, the woman collides with the car, falls - and is still lucky.

Nach dem Unfall an der Riesaer Ecke Kasernenstraße/Breitscheidstraße war das Fahrrad einer 60-Jährigen arg lädiert. Die Frau selbst blieb unverletzt. © Foto: Lutz Weidler © Photo: Lutz Weidler After the accident on Riesaer corner Kasernenstraße/Breitscheidstraße, the bike of a 60-year-old was badly damaged. The woman herself remained unharmed. © Photo: Lutz Weidler

Riesa. A 60-year-old cyclist who was traveling in Riesa city center on Friday afternoon was lucky in misfortune. The woman was collided with the BMW of a 29-year-old on the pedestrian traffic light over the Kasernenstrasse. The woman fell, but remained unharmed. Only the bike was badly affected.

As the accident occurred from the Volkshaus, according to the police, it has not yet been clarified. Both participants had green, the BMW driver was turned to the left from Breitscheidstraße into Kasernenstrasse. Why she did not pay attention to the cyclist is still unclear, said a police spokesman. The police put the damage at around 500 euros. (SZ/STL)

Porsche starts in a rush on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

 Porsche starts in a rush on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange © SP/Porsche Porsche starts in a rush on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange despite a gloomy context, the German manufacturer has started a storm on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, displaying a first Cotating above the target, for one of the largest stock market operations in the German square.

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