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Reviews: Technology prevents data theft

California: Digital license plates are now legal

 California: Digital license plates are now legal California makes it possible. The high-tech state of the United States now also digitizes the number plates of its cars. The obligation to have metal license plates on the car was abolished. © provided by Hannelore Foerster/Getty Images Governor signed the Law proposal for digital license plates What was already drawn up in 2018 with a pilot program of the Reviver, which specialized in digital license plates and was launched at the beginning of the year with a bill Now reality: On

Datenklau an Geldautomaten kann sehr schwer durchschaubar sein, etwa mit der „Skimming“-Technik. © dpa data theft of ATMs can be very difficult to understand, for example with the "skimming" technique.

Theft of data on ATMs in Hessen has slightly decreased in the current year against the nationwide trend at a low level. Nine times manipulated criminals from January to November 2022 machines in the country to spy out the map data and secret number of bank customers. In the same period in the same period, the Frankfurt facility in Hesse had counted eleven such "skimming" cases, in the year 2021 there were 17 occurrences. Individual ATMs may have been attacked several times.

The by far most "skimming" cases were counted in Hamburg in the eleven months of 102. Nationwide, it was according to the information 222 after 116 in the same period last year. Despite the increase in the number of cases, the gross thread fell significantly by 70 percent to the record low of 99,000 euros.

Hang Seng again under pressure-China worries and tech sales burden

 Hang Seng again under pressure-China worries and tech sales burden © Reuters Hang again under pressure-China care and tech sales load from Ambar Warrick Asian exchanges tended on Tuesday inconsistent. The latest price losses invited some market participants to bargain purchases, although losses in technology values ​​and ensure increasing COVID 19 cases in China put most important exchanges in the region under pressure. The Chinese default value index Shanghai Shenzhen CSI 300 fell by 0.1 %, while the Shanghai Composite Index stagnated.

Minicomputer in the

wallet The financial industry explains the decline in the claims that has been observed for years primarily with investments in the so-called EMC technology: payment cards are equipped with a kind of mini computer, the card is checked for authenticity each use. Germany has been relating to EMC technology for years. There are also only a few countries worldwide in which payment cards with relatively easily copied magnetic strips can be used on a large scale.

Consumers in Germany who have been victims of skimming spying usually do not have to fear a financial disadvantage. As a rule, financial institutions replace such damage - provided that customers have carefully handled their bank card and secret number.

Twitter: Elon Musk reports sine Die The launch of the new authentication system of the social network .
The billionaire had the plan to launch a subscription to eight dollars a month to have a checked account. © supplied by Franceinfo Elon Musk declared on the night of Monday November 21 to Tuesday, November 22 that the launch of the new system of authentication of accounts on Twitter , which must consist of a paid subscription, would be pushed, without s' advance on a start date.

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