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Reviews: demand problems: Tesla wants to boost his sales again at the end of the year

Amazon or Tesla: Which fallen tech share is now more attractive?

 Amazon or Tesla: Which fallen tech share is now more attractive? © provided by The Motley Fool Ziel Many tech shares have been properly under the bikes in the past few weeks and months. Until a year ago, they were strong in the favor of investors. Two stocks that have suffered this fate are the Amazon share (WKN: 906866) and the Tesla share (WKN: A1Cх- $ T).

Tesla grants its customers in the USA and Europe a supercharger bonus if they receive their vehicle this year.

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• USA: Tax benefits from 2023 lead to cancellations at Tesla

• Germany: Tesla compensates for lower environmental bonus if delivery is only made in the new year: Europe and USA: Tesla- Buyers receive 10,000 free miles/kilometers of Superchargers

USA: Tax benefits from January 1, 2023

As Electrek reports, buyers of an


in the US can. In order to be able to be considered for this discount, the vehicle may only be accepted from January 1st. For buyers, this means that it is quite profitable to wait until the new year by buying a new Tesla. However, since the American company does not allow its buyers to push their orders to receive them next month, the cancellations have recently increased. In order to counteract this problem, Tesla is now said to have started to grant its customers a discount of $ 3,750 in the United States. German Environmental Bonus Sinks from 2023 also in Germany, buyers of electric cars will receive an "environmental bonus" that should help promote the spread of the comparative expensive electric models. As the ADAC explains, buyers will receive a grant of up to 9,000 euros by the end of 2022 with environmental bonus and innovation premium. However, some changes are planned from 2023. From January 1, only such electric vehicles receive a grant that has been shown to have a positive climate protection effect. In addition, the sum of the subsidy is to be reduced. For the German environmental bonus, however, it is not the date of purchase, but the registration date is crucial, which now means a more expensive price for some buyers from this year who will only receive your vehicle next year. However, according to Teslamag, Tesla said that buyers from this year do not have to worry about subsidies, since the company agreed to compensate for this difference in all orders from 2022 if they can only be delivered in the new year.

Tesla plans to expand the production in Grünheide

 Tesla plans to expand the production in Grünheide The US electric car manufacturer Tesla wants to enlarge its production in Grünheide near Berlin. The next expansion stage is currently being prepared on the existing site to expand the capacity, the company said on Friday. © Christophe Gateau/dpa The US electric car maker Tesla wants to enlarge its production in Grünheide near Berlin and around 70 hectares of pine forest Roden. for this would clear 70 hectares of pine forest this Friday. The approval for the clearing is already available.

10,000 free miles/kilometers

In addition, Teslamag recently met Tesla-internal information from which another purchase incentive for this year emerged. Accordingly, customers in Europe who accept their Tesla this year should be credited to Supercharger stream for 10,000 kilometers. This wants to express their own appreciation for their flexibility over the holidays, according to Teslamag, according to the internal source. Overall, this would be a premium worth around 1,200 euros. According to Teslamag, flexibility could mean that German customers (and perhaps also customers from all over Europe) should pick up their model Y directly at the factory in Grünheide near Berlin, for which there is also a shop credit of 400 euros.

But not only customers from Europe can look forward to the free Supercharger bonus. In the United States, too, customers who accept a Tesla this year should receive a supercharger credit of 10,000 miles. As Electrek reports, this is an indication that Tesla may currently have problems with demand. With the upcoming tax breaks next year, however, demand should return to old strength. E. Schmal / Redaktion

Tesla competitor in the fast lane: BYD now the no.2 for e-car batteries .
BYD (Build Your Dreams) was able to further improve its market position in electric vehicle battery cells in July and has risen to global No. 2. © provided by Mike Clarke/AFP/Getty Images • Electric cars in China on the advance • BYD strong for electric cars and batteries • Chinese manufacturers dominate market for e-car batteries for the first time in the investor focus moved BYD in 2008 when Berkshire Hathaway took part in the investment company of Börsengurus Warren Buffett in t

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