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Reviews: Trend hairstyle 2023: Baby Curtain Bangs are the more trendy version of the Curtain Bangs

Sliced ​​Cut: This hairstyle trend 2022 celebrates sharp edges in autumn as with the razor

 Sliced ​​Cut: This hairstyle trend 2022 celebrates sharp edges in autumn as with the razor , it is probably something that is subconscious: While hairstyle trends in summer with gentle waves and light colored Highlights above all ease And celebrating naturalness, as soon as autumn begins, not only darker hair colors, but also clear cuts and silhouettes in trend. © Getty Images Frisuren-Trend-2022-Sliced-Cut Getty Images can be observed is good at the current Frisuren trend 2022 around the Sliced ​​Cut , which can be seen everywhere.

Curtain Bangs , i.e. the pony variant, in which the strands frame the face like a curtain and its nonplusultra model Brigitte Bardot was in the last couple Years as the number 1 trend hairstyle . This is no wonder either, because the retro look fits every face, flatters the facial features and looks good with both smooth, curly and long and short hair . In addition, the styling effort goes against zero compared to other pony hairstyles. Because the forehead fringes also fall uninstalled. Only if you want to have the extra swing in the pony, you should also start the round brush and hair dryer. Nevertheless, is now time for an update ! Baby Curtain Bangs is the current trend hairstyle .

Biker Boots: This is how the tough shoe trend in autumn 2022 makes its way to its way

 Biker Boots: This is how the tough shoe trend in autumn 2022 makes its way to its way Roar! In autumn 2022 we accelerate fashionably! Because not only leather jackets in biker style can now be seen on IT girls such as Kendall Jenner and Co., biker boots are also (again) in the trend . This is thanks to Miu Miu: The fashion house, with its autumn/winter collection 2022/23, not only made delicate Satin-Ballerinas to the shoe trend , which is carried up and down by trendsetter: inside and down, but also At the same time heavy and chunky biker boots .

Trendfrisur: Baby Curtain Bangs sind jetzt angesagt Getty Images © Getty Images Trend hairstyle: Baby Curtain Bangs are now announced Getty Baby Curtain Bangs: This makes the trend hairstyle made of

Baby Curtain Bangs a shorter variant of the curtain bangs . The effect is enormous : You work Super Edgy . While Curtain Bangs lies the shortest place at the level of the cheekbones and gradually drops to the ears, the mini version begins above the eyebrows and extends to the eyelash . An compact cut becomes important here so that the forehead fringes stay in place throughout the day.

means: you need a layering look (shorter strands under longer strands) to create density. This pony hairstyle is also an advantage. By the way, the Baby Curtain Bangs fall most beautiful with smooth hair when you stylish her with a hair dryer and circular brush. If you have natural curls, all you need to do is incorporate some mousse into your hair - it falls super fluffy.

Curtain Bangs without scissors? So you stylish the trend hairstyle for one day!

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compliments guaranteed! This is the most beautiful trend hairstyle for long hair .
© Instagram/Hairbybreanna_ This is how it works: How to follow the trend hairstyle fixed in terms of hairstyles is our all time favorite without question: The ponytail . With little effort, however, you can now give him a stylish trend upgrade.

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