Food & Drink: recipe with addictive potential: creamy tuna cream with green pepper

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You want to go out with a culinary souvenir at the next barbecue evening? Then food blogger Julia Uehren has the perfect recipe. Your tuna cream conjures up a tingling on the tongue.

Dieser leckere Thunfischdip ist wunderbar cremig. © Julia Uehren/ This delicious tuna dip is wonderfully creamy.

still looking for a dip for the next barbecue evening or the party buffet? With this tuna cream, all other dishes quickly become a minor matter: I admit that the mascarpone does not exactly make it a light dish, but after the first try it should not matter: this tuna dip tastes wonderfully creamy.

tuna fillets and anchovies give it its spicy taste, lemon juice and lemon abrasion bring a nice fresh note to the dip and the green pepper ensures a small taste explosion, which conjures up a fine sparkling on the tongue.

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not important for the taste, but all the more important for our planet: When buying tuna, make sure that it is not an endangered species tuna and that the fish are caught with the fishing rod and not with the net if possible. The MSC seal is also a guideline for this.

ingredients for approx. 8 portions

80 g of capers (small), 1 tablespoon of inserted green pepper, 8 anchovy fillets, 1 bunch of parsley (smooth, approx. 15 g), 1 organic lemon, 2 cans of tuna fillets in oil (à 185 g Drip weight), 2 tablespoons of mustard (dijon), 500 g mascarpone

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capers. Finely chop together with the pickled pepper. Chop also finely chop the anchovy fillets. Wash the parsley, shake dry and finely chop the leaves. Wash the lemon hot and dry. Rip off about 2 teaspoons from the bowl, squeeze lemon. Pour the oil away from a can of tuna.

Both doses tuna with the lemon juice, the lemon abrasion and the mustard mix and mix with a blender until a cream is created. Mascarpone undermix. Stir in

capers, pickled pepper, anchovy fillets and parsley.

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Bon appetite!

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