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Food & Drink: Baden-Württemberg sparkling wine ranges for 73,000 full baths

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 Healthy recipes for dinner that helps you fall asleep The energy crisis forces leisure pools in the southwest, save and think about higher admission prices. "The energy crisis hits us very hard," said Necdet Mantar, chairman of the public baths Baden-Württemberg and head of the Reutlinger baths. Many facilities have already closed their saunas and reduced the water and room temperatures, for example in the “Stadionbad Ludwigsburg”. © Bernd Weißbrod/dpa/archive image The outer pool of the stadium pool in Ludwigsburg.

. This was announced by the State Statistical Office on Wednesday, in time for New Year's Eve. A total of 87,766 hectolite sparkling wine from local vines in Baden-Württemberg. For a full bath, the statisticians expect 120 liters of sparkling wine.

Eine junge Frau schenkt Sekt in ein Glas ein. © Hauke-Christian Dittrich/dpa/archive image A young woman gives sparkling wine in a glass.

together with the stocks from France, Italy and Spain, which are stored in the country, the barrels in Baden-Württemberg are even filled with a total of 181,711 hectoliters of the noble liquid. A hectoliter corresponds to 100 liters. In terms of sparkling wine, the country is well equipped for the beginning of the year.

It doesn't always have to be shampus: this is the case with sparkling wines at .
Leipzig - for New Year's Eve, it makes it "plop" in Germany again. Whether the new year is welcomed with sparkling wine or champagne is not only a question of the price, but also of taste. An overview: © Britta Pedersen/DPA central picture/dpa sparkling wines differ after production, origin and sugar content. Britta Pedersen/dpa central image/dpa sparkling wine and champagne For all quality foam wines, it is twice fermented wine with a minimum pressure of three and a half bar.

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