Health: Heavy headway wound! Blood-out for Goretzka

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Leon Goretzka is replaced by the FC Villarreal. In the detention time, the 27-year-old moves a place wound, must be replaced again.

Schwere Kopfplatzwunde! Blut-Aus für Goretzka © Provided by Heavy headway wound! Blood-out for Goretzka

Drama around Bayern-Star Leon Goretzka! (News: All current information about the Champions League)

The 27-year-old has been replaced at the 0: 1 defeat at the FC Villarreal with a place wound on the head after it only in the 62nd minute for Thomas Müller into the game came. (single critique: Note 6 for Bayern-Star)

Goretzka had received the elbow of Pau Torres in the third minute of the screening time, began to bleed on the eyebrow. (Data: Results and Champions League Results)

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Since the doctors of Bayern could not stop the bleeding, coach Julian Nagelsmann took the midfield engine in the 90th +4 for Marc Roca from the game.

The scene had occurred in the penalty area of ​​Villarreal, arbitrator Anthony Taylor did not evaluate the action as a penalty.

Goretzka had only celebrated his return after a lengthy injury break in the Bundesliga at the SC Freiburg, where the interim atmosphere 1: 0 reached.

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