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Health: acne beyond puberty: What to do according to Bazaar expert. Timm Golüke against impure skin can do

QQ: Why Do I Have a Pimple Inside My Nose?!

  QQ: Why Do I Have a Pimple Inside My Nose?! SO MUCH PAIN.

Impein skin is long just a teenage problem. Bazaar expert Timm Golüke explains in his beauty column when they belong in specialist hands.

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There is a topic that stubbornly pulls through my hands-on everyday: the impure skin . And that's not only with my younger patient: inside, but in all ages. The Acne Tarda or Spätakne predominantly occurs between 25 and 50 years on and affects women far more common than men. The reasons are manifold, often there are several, and therefore, with impure skin (no matter at what age) the most important question is the cause. Why suddenly occurring pimples and impurities should be dermatologically examined primarily in the cheeks, chin and submerged.

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acne: the advice bazaar expert. Timm Golobe against impure skin

because: The skin says a lot about the all common health status and just about any complaints. For therapy, the consultation of a further medical specialist, such as gynecology, is often necessary. Hormonal changes are often a reason for the occurrence of acne . The sebaceous glands produce overly, clog the pores and small inflammation are the result. This is known to happen in puberty, but I also often experience it in patients, the middle, end 20 because of a desire for children, changing the contraceptive or for other reasons the pill and in which the hormone balance is changed. In later years, the same phenomenon occurs through menopause. A hormone check can provide information here, also to exclude any polycystic ovarian syndrome (malfunction of the ovaries).

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  I've Been on Curology for 2 Years, and You Need to See My Face And I was truly skeptical before this experiment.After two years of using Curology, I can say that this is my longest, most stable skincare relationship to date. I've been known to ghost, dump, and rebound quickly with all the other skincare products of my past, but my custom Curology formula? We're committed. Curology, FYI, is an online service that provides customers with personalized prescription skincare products and expert advice without having to go to the doctor's office.

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But not only a disturbed Yin and Yang the hormone is reason that a pure skin is irritated by a on the other day irritated. Medicines, a bacterial infestation, even care ingredients or rituals, such as too much or too strong peeling , may be the cause. Sometimes I see skin irritations after a construction infusion or a vitamin B-cure. Who tends to blemishes, should be careful. Acne or Rosacea are not easy to distinguish in the initial stage, but require very different dermatological therapies. An indication is that the Rosacea has no blackheads.

Finally, a word for perioral dermatitis , the chronic inflamed rash, which usually occurs around the mouth and chin. He is not contagious, can sometimes itch and show the finest sleight papules and pimples. Long mask wearing has often been the reason lately. Here is a first advice, also for prophylaxis: during the day in the skin portion nose, mouth, chin just apply a lightweight moisturizer and no make-up. For pustules that are not healing from themselves after a few days, they are not just a beauty problem, but are medially clarified.

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