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Health: Carlos Sainz must admit: What Leclerc makes is first cream

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Carlos Sainz darf Charles Leclerc im WM-Kampf nicht wegziehen lassen © Motorsport Images Carlos Sainz Can not leave Charles Leclec in the World Cup fight

While Charles Leclerc seems to go to the World Cup, his teammate Carlos Sainz must see that He did not miss the connection to his Ferrari teammates. After his failure in Melbourne , the Spaniard has already 38 points behind the overall standings and threatens to get the role of number 2 early early.

, Sainz had actually gone with much self-confidence in the season after he could defeat Leclerc 2021 after points, which many had not expected him. Of course, with the strong Ferrari F1-75, he wanted to drive around the World Cup this year, but despite two podium places in the first three races, the start of the season seems to be mispronched for him.

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Leclerc came with the victories in Bahrain and Australia almost perfectly from the starting blocks, on the other hand, SAINZ experienced a true horror weekend in Melbourne . Whether it was his worst in Formula 1, he does not know, because he can not remember all 142 further starts.

at least it seemed very good to run very well at the beginning and satisfy Sainz with the car, "but it became one of the most disappointing weekends in Formula 1," he says. The starting point was the accident of Fernando Alonso in Q3. The red flag came for Sainz a few meters from the aim, so his time was no longer counted.

At the second attempt, there were problems with the starter, so that Sainz could only ride delayed from the box and had no optimal warm-up. The resulted in the starting place nine, which on Sunday a bad start and an overambitized maneuver in the second round follow, so that Sainz's weekend ended in the peb bed.

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"The most important thing is that I have learned from it and that we also learn as a team," he says. "We have to be more perfect, stronger and more robust in all aspects. And we have to keep in mind that everything can happen in the 20 remaining races."

Sainz soon officially number 2?

However, Sainz is under great pressure after the first three weekends. Although team boss Mattia bombotto emphasizes that the season is still long and that the two drivers can fight free against each other. The question is: how long are you allowed?

Because Ferrari was known in the past to focus on a driver in the World Cup fight, which the other has subordinate. "Now we have wins races three and Charles, wins, wins, and sometime already comes the decision," says ex-pilot Ralf Schumacher at 'Sky'. "Ferrari is very uncompromising, as we know from the past."

He believes that Sainz just fear this scenario. Therefore, he is not surprised by the sharp comments of the Spaniard in the direction of its own team after qualifying. "Mattia knows how angry I am," Sainz had said on Saturday. "We should not have such problems with the starter."

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"Charles goes very well"

But the Ferrari pilot can also admit that his teammate is currently simply faster. 0: 3, in its view, it stands both in qualifying and in the irregularity against the mongels (to overview). "Charles goes well and has understood the car very well as he says. And he puts great things," praises Sainz.

Therefore, he wanted to look at the weekend in Melbourne as a good test to see if he can go along the pace and that he had made progress. "I already had the feeling, but unfortunately the weekend ran as it ran."

With the out of Melbourne, two series of Ferrari pilot have also ended: Sainz had the longest point surge of all drivers with 17 races and also with 31 races the longest strand without failure.

"At some point it had to go to an end," he says. "At some point it would have given a race where things were not running for me and at some point there would have been a race in which I make a mistake." And both was the case in Australia.

"But as I said, is the most important thing we learn from it and try to be more perfect and look at every detail. Because with our car this year we lose a lot of points every time we do not come to the finish" , he says. "The weekend is a good example of it."

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