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Gravity isn't going to let anything get him down.

According to pet mobility company Walkin' Pets, animal rescuers found Gravity abandoned in a Tennessee yard over two years ago. The dog had a broken back, a spinal cord laceration, and straight-leg syndrome — a condition where a puppy's knee joints fuse, leaving the affected legs rigid and paralyzed.

PAWS New England and All 4s Rescue League took the dog in and moved Gravity to Massachusetts, where he started his recovery, including regular physical therapy sessions.

Over the past two years, Gravity has made great strides in his mobility. There is no current cure for straight-leg syndrome, so Gravity can't move as easily as dogs without the condition, but that hasn't stopped the rescue pup from finding ways to get around.

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To help Gravity move freely, Walkin' Pets donated adjustable splints to the canine. The splints provide Gravity's back legs support and stability, allowing the dog to walk independently.

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"Gravity gets around really well with his braces. He likes to go for walks and go to the beach in them. He is super patient with me getting them on him, and they give him a lot more structure while walking," Lindsay, the dog's foster parent, said. © Provided by People

Unfortunately, even though Gravity has shown such strength and sweetness throughout his recovery, the dog has received little interest from adopters.

"Gravity has been with me for two years, and I fully intend to see it through until he gets adopted. No matter how long that takes, we know that the perfect forever home is out there for him," Lindsay said.

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Gravity's foster mom hopes that by sharing the canine's story, fewer people will overlook special needs shelter pets when it comes time to adopt.

For Gravity, the ideal adopter has enough time at home to set and stick to a routine with the dog that serves the pet's special needs. In return, the pet parent will receive the love of the "happiest dog," who adores spending time with kids, cats, and other dogs.

To learn more about Gravity and apply to adopt the dog, visit PAWS New England's website.

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