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Health: Which foods can be kept for longer by freezing - and which not?

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Which foods can be kept for longer by freezing - and which not?

In order to increase its emergency supply with long -lasting food, the preservation method of freezing is suitable. However, there are a lot to consider.

If you have a freezer or freezer in your fridge, you can make your emergency stock of food for a possible crisis by freezing. But not all foods are suitable for freezing. You can find out which foods you can freeze and how you can do it at best.

Create emergency supply: How can you make food for a long time by freezing?

freezing in the freezer or freezer. Because the low temperatures interrupt the growth of the microorganisms. At the same time, nutrients and flavors are obtained from freezing in the freezer.

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Instructions: Make food for longer by freezing

frozen products from the supermarket, such as frozen pizza, frozen ready meals or frozen vegetables, you can freeze again immediately after purchasing at home. In the best case, take a cooling bag with a cooling pack (especially recommended at warm outside temperatures) to the supermarket. This will prevent the cold chain from being interrupted. You should wash, clean, clean and portion. The same applies to meat, fish or prepared dishes, because once you have frozen and thawed food, you must not freeze it again. If necessary, you can blanch vegetables before freezing to kill microorganisms and get vitamins. Alternatively, freezer bags are also suitable for freezing food for the emergency supply - but remove unnecessary air and close the bags properly. If you have liquid dishes, you should leave at least two centimeters away (liquids expand when freezing), you can fully make the containers at solid dishes. You do not forget to mark the frozen food with content, quantity and date of storage .

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Which foods are suitable for freezing and which can not be made for longer by freezing?

Food that you can freeze what you better free to freeze bread eggs meat, fish salad spices. , Pudding, cream) Cheese gelatin prepared food garlic

can frozen foods be bad at all? In principle,

simply applies the rule of thumb that food should not be frozen for more than a year, with vitamins contained after half a year. However, the durability of the food in the freezer differs greatly. For example, prepared dishes, meat, fish or bread should be consumed much earlier.

Food supply: How long can you freeze food in the freezer or freezer?

In addition to freezing, there are more or less known preserving methods to make foods in the emergency supply longer, such as fermenting, drying, smoke, sugar, cooling, salting, boiling down, setting in or vacuuming.

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