Style: The best tricks for full hair in a matter of seconds

How to Clean the Brown Stuff Off Your Sheet Pans

  How to Clean the Brown Stuff Off Your Sheet Pans Two ingredients will make them look (almost) as good as new.Mix ½ cup baking soda and ½ cup white vinegar with hot water in the sink. (We prefer Heinz white vinegar and Arm and Hammer baking soda, but this will work with any brands really.) It will bubble up like a school science project, but that reaction is what helps loosen the residue. Make sure your sink is plugged so they stay submerged, and let it soak for 30 minutes to an hour before scrubbing away with a scouring pad, the scrubby side of your sponge, or steel wool. Although steel wool is most likely to scratch your pans, it's okay.

Tricks für volleres Haar © Provided by Burda Hearst Publishing GmbH Tricks for fuller hair

You dream of a full mane, but unfortunately nature gave you the "Spaghetti" model? Do not worry! We'll now tell you the best tricks on how to chop more density and volume into your hair - in seconds and in the long run.

Short-term full hair


The pigments that surround your hair when tinting or dyeing make it look thicker. In addition, the hairdresser can trick a bit optically and conjure up more volume in your hair with a professional two-tone coloring. Be careful with bleaching! They attack the hair and strain especially fine hair permanently too much.

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  Kim Kardashian Says She Has Body Dysmorphia, but What Does That Really Mean? There's a difference between feeling a little self-conscious about a body area and full-blown obsessing over it.In the episode, unretouched bikini photos of Kardashian went viral online. While dealing with the fallout, she admitted that her body insecurity has increased over the years. “You take pictures and people just body shame you," Kardashian said. "It’s like literally giving me body dysmorphia," she also commented.

Dry Shampoo

Can't you use it because it settles like dandruff in your dark hair? Old news! Today there are also tinted dry shampoos for dark hair. Spray the shampoo over your head first and then add something to the base. Briefly blow-dry and brush out.

volume powder

The ultra-fine powder strengthens the hair fiber at the base and gives it more stability. It works similarly to dry shampoo. Depending on the product, it is sprayed on or, like baby powder, applied directly to the hairline by a sprayer. However, it is not brushed out, but simply massaged into the base.

Short Haircuts

Don't worry, we're not talking about the pixie. But the shorter the hair, the more bounce it has because it is not pulled down by its own weight. Have you ever thought about a hip bob?

How to Work Out Without Ruining Your Hair

  How to Work Out Without Ruining Your Hair How to Work Out Without Ruining Your Hair“Get your hair off your neck and it won’t cling to your skin. But don’t use just any elastic. Ribbon hair ties are much gentler to your hair and won’t create dents or crimps,” says celebrity stylist Philip B. To prevent hair breakage, switch up your style—topknot, low pony, high pony, braid—so you’re not stressing the same section of hair every time you work out.

Long-term full hair

head massages

To stimulate your hair roots, you should massage your scalp regularly. It is best to take a minute more in the shower and massage the shampoo and your care carefully.

Caffeine Shampoo

The effects of caffeine shampoos are controversial, but since they are in no way harmful to your hair, you can try them without hesitation. You have the best chance of success with long-term use over two years and longer.

Healthy nutrition

Our diet also plays a role when it comes to the health of our hair. While we cannot change what nature has given us through our genes, we can still get the best out of what we have. For healthy hair growth we need enough vitamin A (retinol), B (niacin), C (ascorbic acid) and H (biotin). Protein, iron, copper and zinc are also good nutrients for our hair roots.


Aminexil treatments help against hair loss. The active ingredient stimulates the hair root, strengthens the hair and actually makes it fuller. The serum promises success especially if your hair has thinned over time due to external circumstances or hormonal reasons.

Too early ?: Gray hair at 30 - where it came from and how it disappears .
You are 30 and have discovered the first gray hair on your head? We'll tell you here what the possible causes for this are and what you can do about gray hair at 30. For some it is a shock when they stand at the mirror in the morning and discover the first gray hair. This is especially true for women who have just reached 30. Then the question arises whether there is anything that can be done in this case to prevent further graying and to return to the original hair.

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