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Style: home theater tip: In this FSK-18 horror trip you expect literally blood, a lot of naked skin and pure excess - uncut!

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Heimkino-Geheimtipp: In diesem FSK-18-Horrortrip erwarten euch literweise Blut, viel nackte Haut und purer Exzess – uncut! © indeed movie Home theater tip: In this FSK-18 horror trip, literally blood, much naked skin and pure excess - uncut expect you!

noise, drugs, sex, a devastating greed to blood, and the question of whether what long lasts is finally good. Thus, the noise horror " bliss - trip to hell " can be described immediately on two levels. On the one hand, because the loud, bloody film of director Joe Begos (" VFW - Veterans of Foreign Wars ") acts by a painter, which stuck in a creative crisis, and therefore distracts with sex and drugs from their slow working progress. On the other hand, said question also refers to the German publishing history of "Bliss".

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2019 ran the insider tip on the fantasy film festival, early 2020 he came to a handful of cinemas. A DVD and Blu-ray evaluation was announced in a timely manner, but followed only in the summer of 2021, in small, high priced edition. In addition, the publication took place without prior examination by the FSK. now finally comes "bliss" very regular at a commercially available price on the market - still uncut with a release from 18 years.

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With regard to home theater publication, it was said to" bliss ": what long lasts, will finally be good. Whether this realization also applies to the protagonist of the film, or whether your long, stony, horrendous way to the artistic fulfillment ends less well? To learn that, you should do this proverbial "trip to hell" at best. Worth it.

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This is "Bliss"

Dezzy ( Dora Madison ) is painter. She stands on Rock and Metal, Oh, just on everything noise, as well as on non-binding sex. And on drugs. What they can not depart, are their current creative blockage and the threats of their manager to turn their inactivity the money. So she lets her fuel from her dealer so that the creative synapses are recurrent again. The new coke-cut "Diabolo" has it in itself: Dezzy literally mutates a new, more instructive people. But at least their canvas refills again - albeit to an immense price ...

, noisy, coarse-grained, tough - and above all: super nishig . What director and author Joe Wegos oppresses his audience as a strange mix of wild colors and all swallowing darkness is nothing for everyone. First and foremost not even due to the drastic, handmade splatter, which is held in crazy 16mm images. But in particular due to his Vibes: In "Bliss" we hang from a creative-deep Dezzy about a series of noise, zank and sex scenes to their next high, fall off with her and then it starts from scratch again.

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and while Dezzy approaches the hoped for completing her masterpiece, not only her head and the harsh pictures of the swarming camera circles. Even the genreoulette turns and turns: the painter loses her mind due to the drugs? Is she a vampire? Have demons seized by their possession? Is this neither drug rhiver, nor supernatural horror, but a psychostory? Does she just have fun to practice meaningless violence? Is this all just a metaphor?

questions about questions that are raised in this rapid film trip - while the Hypnotic President's main actress Dora Madison formally plays the soul out of the body. But before one clearly the idea of ​​all the disorienting impressions "is the embodiment of the unscrupulous or the film the reproduction of the creative process of the artist soul?" Can be found ... already in the furious finale all questions with a bang in air on! What a temporal, dirty, unparalleled niche flavor trip. You must have seen that. When you get on it.

Who stands on "Bliss" must also look this printed horror splatter masterpiece with Nicolas Cage

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