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These Ten Remote Islands Are Perfect for Remote Workers

  These Ten Remote Islands Are Perfect for Remote Workers All you need is sun, fun and Internet connectivity to be a remote worker.

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If you've long been considering nabbing a robot vacuum cleaner — but didn't want to spend a handful of hundreds to bring it home — you'd hardly be alone. Luckily, if you head to Amazon right now, you can score a top-rated robot vacuum that also doubles as a mop for nearly $230 off.

The Okp K3 Robot Vacuum and Mop is designed with a strong suction — and can hit a suction power up to 2,000 pascals — able to effortlessly pick up crumbs, dirt, and pet hair. Two side brushes work in tandem to scoop up dirt so you don't have to, plus 99 percent of tiny particles — like dust and allergens — are captured thanks to the high-efficiency filter. Users can choose from several modes, including auto clean, spot clean, wall follow clean, and manual clean, all of which can be controlled via Okp Life app or the included remote control.

Read the 'Bridgerton' books to discover all siblings' happily-ever-afters

  Read the 'Bridgerton' books to discover all siblings' happily-ever-afters The hit Netflix show is based on Julia Quinn's romance novels, which follow the love lives of the eight Bridgerton brothers and sisters.In 2000, Julia Quinn released her novel “The Duke and I," a Regency romance that focused on the relationship between Simon Basset, a young duke, and Daphne, the eldest daughter of an illustrious London family.

Since the robot vacuum measures just under 3 inches high, it can glide under furniture to nab dust you may have otherwise never noticed. It's also equipped with anti-drop technology and sensors that prevent it from falling down a flight of stairs or knocking into obstacles. To use the mop function, simply attach the mopping pad to the bottom of the device and send the robot on its way to clean up spills and stains.

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Buy It! Okp K3 Robot Vacuum and Mop, $109.99 with coupon (orig. $338.88);

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Hundreds of Amazon shoppers have fallen in love with this 2-in-1 robot vacuum, with reviewers explaining that it saves them "tons of time," while others note that the floor is "clean all the time." One user even wrote: "It cleans all my floors as if they were cleaned by a professional cleaning service!"

The #1 Best Oatmeal Pairing for High Cholesterol

  The #1 Best Oatmeal Pairing for High Cholesterol Look no further than oatmeal – a fiber-packed powerhouse with tons of health benefits, including managing one’s cholesterol.If you've been told you need to lower your cholesterol, you might be wondering what the big deal is. High cholesterol refers to a build-up of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or the "bad" form of cholesterol, which creates fatty deposits along the walls of your blood vessels. The consequences can become serious, from inhibiting blood flow over time to increasing the risk of a heart attack or stroke due to clotting.

Another five-star reviewer explained that they had purchased this robot vacuum to use under their king bed. Now, they wrote that "my floors are always clean," noting that the device also goes behind the sofa without having to move the bulky pieces of furniture themselves. They also shared: "I am buying three more as Christmas gifts."

Head to Amazon to get the Okp K3 Robot Vacuum and Mop for just $110 while it's on sale.

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