Style: Jennifer Aniston Just Served Up Major Beach Hair Inspiration

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On and off the beach, Jennifer Aniston is serving up year-round easy, tousled waves. As her hairstylist Chris McMillan once told Vogue, “Jen doesn’t like a manufactured curl.” True to form, there was nothing over-thought about the born-and-bred Californian’s beauty strategy for her latest beach outing. In a new Instagram selfie, the star soaked up the sun wearing a stylish, face-shielding straw hat on top of a cascade of salty, air-dried strands.

Whether they were au naturale by way of a dip in the ocean or finessed with help from Aniston’s hair care line Lolavie (if the latter, we suspect it’s the handiwork of a few spritzes of her Glossing Detangler and/or Perfecting Leave-In raked through the mid-lengths to ends), they stood as a reminder that there’s nothing more summery than lived-in, perfectly rumpled strands.

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Only adding to the SoCal feel were her signature sun-kissed blonde highlights—the ones that earned her the unofficial title of “the original bronde” according to her colorist of over 30 years, Michael Canalé. Teaming laissez-faire texture with glowing golden color, Aniston’s signature California cool hair codes live their best life at the beach.

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These styles are all main character moments.Fine hair and thin hair are two terms that get thrown around interchangeably, but they're not actually the same thing. When talking about fine hair, you're referring to the actual density of the hair strand. Whereas thin hair means you have less volume of hair on your head, which can make the scalp visible. "All hair types (including fine and thick hair) can be thin," Dr. Iris Rubin, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of SEEN Haircare previously told InStyle.

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