Style: This Editor-Approved Serum Helps Menopause-Related Lash Thinning — and It's 25% Off Right Now

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ICYMI, Dermstore is currently having its anniversary sale, which includes markdowns up to 25 percent off. While this isn't a sitewide sale, there are still an astonishing 6,444 discounted items to check out. Whew.

That is an obscene number of products to flip through, so let me save you the trouble. The must-buy item from the sale is Revitalash's Advanced Eyelash Conditioner. A two milliliter bottle gives you a three-month supply, and is currently 25 percent off with code CHEERS — close to the 30 percent discount shoppers saw on Prime Day.

If you're no stranger to the search for lash treatment, Revitalash probably needs no introduction. But if you're new to this journey (Welcome!) Revitalash is a hair growth and nourishment brand beloved by editors, shoppers, TikTok users, and yes, even Meghan Markle. I'd specifically consider the Advanced Eyelash Conditioner Treatment to be the brand's hero product. The peptide, biotin, green tea extract-packed formula conditions, strengthens and protects lashes so that they can grow long and strong without brittleness or breakage.

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Shop now: $74 with code CHEERS (Originally $98);

Hundreds of five-star Dermstore reviewers say Revitalash's Lash Treatment does the job, so much so that several have used the word "amazed." Many reviewers are repeat buyers, and one explained that "the first time I tried Advanced Eyelash Conditioner I saw a noticeable improvement in my thinning lashes in about three weeks. Sometimes I don't even wear mascara."

Another shopper wrote, "I'm 58 and my lashes started thinning after menopause. I've used RevitaLash for two years now and my lashes are thicker and longer than they were when I was young." Another reviewer going through menopause similarly said that it's made their "lashes look fuller" and "really helped with growth."

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It is an expensive treatment, but at $74 for three months, it pales in comparison to eyelash extensions (which start around $140 and have to be redone every two or three weeks). If comparing Revitlash with the treatment seems like an exaggeration, I'm here to tell you it's not: several users have done so, and one reviewer even said they "no longer need to sit twice a month for eyelash extensions" since using the serum. Many shoppers would argue this is worth the price even at $98, so take advantage of Dermstore's Anniversary Sale and try out, or stock up on, Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner. (Just remember to use the code CHEERS.)

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