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Style: The worst fashion trends of the 2010s

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  The worst fashion trends of the 2010s © Provided by Refresh Lifestyle CAEN

Everything was better in the past? No way! When you think about the fashion and beauty world of the early 2010s, it sends shivers down the spines of most of us. Mustache prints, colorful skinny jeans and wedge sneakers were just a few of the trends that belonged in every closet back then and are at the top of the no-go list today. Time to take a look back.

Galaxy print

To get the worst over with as quickly as possible, we’ll start with this trend: Until today, no one really understood why it suddenly became trendy in 2013 to decorate everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – with space patterns. What started with socks and cell phone covers eventually extended to leggings, sweatshirts or dresses that were completely printed with the purple-blue eye cancer print.

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man buns

The men of creation also participated in various trends in the 2010s. First and foremost was the hipster look, which was only complete when a man bun was combined with a lumberjack shirt and horn-rimmed glasses. But even today, every now and then you meet men on the street who seem to have not yet finished with this trend – so man buns will probably accompany us for a few more years.

The topknot or ‚man bun‘ has become one of 2014’s biggest hair trends:

– FashionBeans (@fashionbeans) December 23, 2014

Loop scarves

Made of knitwear for the winter or lighter fabric for the warmer days – it did not leave the house without a round scarf between 2012 and 2014. Combined with a white shirt and a cardigan, scarves and shawls gave a perfect everyday look. Fortunately, not too much of this trend is left – at least if you look at the younger generation.

Always new clothes, but never anything to wear

  Always new clothes, but never anything to wear Explore funny T-Shirt ideas on Amazon.We have them all. The wardrobe corpses. Clothes that we ordered too small and still kept. Clothing from the last season that is no longer suitable. Clothes we thought we would wear, but we don’t. Dresses for a very specific occasion, three years ago. Our closets are bursting at the … Always new clothes, but never anything to wear Weiterlesen »We have them all. The wardrobe corpses. Clothes that we ordered too small and still kept. Clothing from the last season that is no longer suitable. Clothes we thought we would wear, but we don’t. Dresses for a very specific occasion, three years ago.

Ombré hair

Whether in the hair or on clothes: Color gradients were the thing of the 2010s. Brown-colored hair, which then slowly merged into blond tips, was particularly popular. However, this trend was not without risk: anyone who tried to give themselves an ombré hairstyle at home with the help of a cheap bleach was often forced to pay a few euros more to have the debacle salvaged by the hairdresser.


Anyone who doesn’t remember this time has definitely missed out: Hardly any trend was as hip in the last decade as the moustache print. After any accessories and clothes had been printed with moustaches, people started to produce necklaces or rings with the „funny“ motif as well. As photo props, the beards were also very popular – and for a short time even as a real beard hairstyle in the faces of men.

that mustache trend in like 2013 was probably the darkest time of our generation

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– Biofeelia (@bjorkasmr) March 6, 2020

Red sneakers

For a while, bright red Airmax or Superstars made it to the top – driven by YouTubers and influencers who slowly became fashion trailblazers. Fortunately, the success of red sneakers was short-lived, and they were declared an absolute fashion faux pas just a few years later. Today, people prefer to go for plain white or black.

Mullet skirts

Together with loose tops and floral hairbands, asymmetrical skirts were among the must-haves of boho style, seen especially at major music festivals like Coachella. In 2020, the mullet trend returned – but not in the form of clothes, but actually as an 80s-inspired hairstyle, today called „Mullet“.

the worse trend in life are high low skirts and dresses.

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– hilarious aquarius ???? (@arianTaaaa) April 5, 2021

Bomber jackets

Another unisex trend that hasn’t completely died out yet, but is past its prime: in 2015 and 2016, bomber jackets were a fashion statement you couldn’t get around. Fashion-conscious teens had the choice between classic black and particularly stylish olive green. You could buy the trendy jackets at the time in almost every fast fashion store. If you’re still interested today, it’s best to take a look at the flea market – that’s where everyone is now trying to get rid of their favorite pieces from back then.

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Infinity sign

Just as bad as the mustaches, these motifs also made it onto watches, tops and gym bags. The coolest thing was to see a profound English saying underneath the infinity symbol, the meaning of which you didn’t even understand as a seventh grader. Some people even had the infinity symbol stitched under their skin – God forbid who has to go out on the street like that today.

a moment of silence for all the girls who got infinity signs tattooed onto them in 2014

– kaYtie (@KKieklak) September 23, 2019

Colorful skinny jeans

Skinny jeans alone were not enough, no, they also had to be colorful. Both are frowned upon in the fashion world today, as you can see from the Skinny jeans debate between Millennials and Gen Z. However, up until five years ago, red, blue or green were not uncommon in the nation’s closets. Fortunately, you could also combine any top with it – thanks to the color blocking trend.

It was a much simpler time when we were 15 wearing colorful skinny jeans. Damn.

– Tired Turk (@NiluferYucel) September 21, 2018

Crackle nail polish

When this trend spilled over from the high-end beauty brands into the drugstores we trust in 2012, there was no stopping it. Black on blue, white on pink, all imaginable colors were slapped on the nails of fashion girls to present the most unusual combinations possible on Instagram or YouTube. By the way, no one has really understood how the crackle effect actually works.

As we all know, fashion is a cycle: trends come and go. And even if none of us wants to admit it, in the course of our lives we will probably have to witness fashion-conscious teens reviving the Galaxy style or getting friendship tattoos in the form of infinity signs. Until then, we can be glad that we won’t have to see our youthful fashion sins on the shelves of large department stores.

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