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Travel: I'm a Travel Editor, and This Is the One Haircare Product I'll Never Take a Trip Without

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  The Best Multipurpose Travel Gear to Make Every Inch of Suitcase Space Count From rain jackets that turn into tote bags to morphing pillows.Since then—as I've grown into an overprepared traveler who loves to maximize every ounce of my baggage—I’ve been on the hunt for items that can check off two (or more!) functions while I’m traveling. From the more common pants that zip off into shorts to more surprising finds, like an infinity scarf with a travel pillow tucked inside, here are 11 types of multi-use products that will make your packing list more purposeful.

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Between long travel days and hotels with less-than-ideal water pressure, ending up with greasy hair while you're on a trip can happen far easier than any of us would like to admit. That's where dry shampoo comes in. If you're in a pinch in an airport bathroom after disembarking a transatlantic flight or changing quickly to go from a day of sightseeing to a night out, a rinse-free dry shampoo spray can pull your whole look together in a pinch. I recently discovered one from Living Proof after receiving a travel size in a Dermstore Beautyfix box, and it's become my go-to product when my hair needs a refresh.

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  Your Glassware Should Be Stackable Here are 17 stackable glasses to help save space in your kitchen.As someone who likes to imbibe and buy pretty things, glassware storage and organization is an ongoing issue in my home. After paring down water glasses, wine glasses, lowball glasses, coupe glasses, and some of my beloved vintage goblets, I still have more glassware than any one person actually needs.

The Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo is designed to quickly absorb oil and sweat, neutralize odors, and add softness and shine to your hair. The "advanced clean" version is an even heavier duty take on the already beloved Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo. It comes in an aerosol spray can in two sizes: 5.5 ounces and a travel-friendly 2.4-ounce option. At $16 for the travel size, it's definitely on the pricey side, although for a true clean hair feeling in just seconds, it's more than worth it for me. Plus, just a little product goes a long way.

To use the dry shampoo, shake the can well and hold it 6 to 10 inches away from your head. Then spray in sections using sweeping motions — I usually just spray my part and a little on my hairline. Let it sit for 30 seconds before massaging it into your scalp. The spray goes on with a slight white tint, although it blends in quickly. I have blonde hair, so I'm less likely to notice a white cast, but several reviewers at Amazon and Sephora with darker strands attest to the product's blendability. One shopper, who described their hair as dark brown and "verging on black" said: "You may see some white powder when you spray it, but as soon as you brush or run your fingers through, it disappears."

The Best Travels Pillows to Help You Sleep on the Road

  The Best Travels Pillows to Help You Sleep on the Road From stuffable sacks to overhead coverings, these pillows support quality sleep on planes, in cars, and on camping trips.After all, catching those valuable z’s on the go, whether on a plane, train, car, or camping trip, can make all the difference when it comes to how refreshed you feel, and how much you can actually enjoy your travels. Since my old-school accessory wasn't cutting it anymore, I tested out more than a dozen travel pillows of all shapes and sizes—from the traditional to the wacky— to help narrow down the head cushionings worth bringing on the go. Below, the best travel pillows for every scenario, whether you're stuck in a middle seat or need full-on darkness.

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Courtesy of Sephora © Provided by Travel + Leisure Courtesy of Sephora

To buy:,, and, from $16

I'm not the only one raving about this dry shampoo; in fact, thousands of shoppers agree that it's a travel must-have. One Amazon reviewer said it "smells great and doesn't make your hair feel heavy." Another user complimented the ease of application. "I love how light the mist is — it's really easy to get just a little bit of this on the roots of your hair when you need it.

A Sephora shopper also raved about how helpful the product is making a blowout last longer. They styled their hair the day before a trip, took a flight, and the next day their hair still looked fresh. "With a few puffs of this stuff, it genuinely looked as if I had just blown [my hair] out," they wrote.

If you're looking for a way to refresh your look throughout the day, either at work or while traveling, check out the Perfect Hair Day Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo from Living Proof. If you're anything like me, it'll be a staple in your cosmetic bag in no time.

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