Travel: tourists protest for access to Machu Picchu

Spain Is Making Some of Its Trains Completely Free Starting in September

  Spain Is Making Some of Its Trains Completely Free Starting in September Now's the time to travel through Spain by train.Spain is making its public train system absolutely free for travelers to use this fall.

Hundreds of tourists in Peru demonstrated to get access to the famous Inca-Ruinenstadt Machu Picchu. They formed long snakes and loudly demanded the sale of tickets, as could be seen on Peruvian television. Some therefore also slept on site at the outdoor sales point.

Blick auf die Inka-Ruinenstadt Machu Picchu. © Paco Chuquiure/EFE/dpa View of the Inca-Ruinenstadt Machu Picchu.

The rush of local and foreign guests collapses with the national holidays in the Andenland on Thursday and Friday. That is why the tickets are completely sold before the long weekend, reported the Peruvian newspaper “El Comercio”. According to the Ministry of Culture, there is no more tickets to buy until August 19.

The Ministry also pointed out that the permissible number of visitors had only been increased from 3044 to 4044 a day on July 17th - and that this was also the limit to avoid irreparable damage. The increase in the number of visitors should promote the revival of tourism in the Andenstadt Cusco and all of Peru.

The Machu Picchu ruins is one of the most important tourist attractions in South America and since 1983 a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city was built by the Incas in the 15th century and consists of around 200 buildings.

Hong Kong’s Colonial Nostalgia .
Many of the city’s people are seeking refuge in Britain as former subjects who have fled their ostensibly decolonized homeland. Most of the Hong Kongers at the London event, a show of hands revealed, had arrived in the United Kingdom after the British government had broken with long-standing immigration policy to welcome them in. Many seeking refuge in the seat of the former empire have done so because it allows them to live and outwardly express an identity that Beijing is intent on stamping out as it imposes its own form of colonial rule and imperialist tendencies.

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