Travel: prepaid card instead of piggy bank: For example, children should learn more about finance

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at school or training young people too little about finance. With cashless pocket money, a startup children wants to introduce the topic early on.

Nils Feigenwinter will Kinder und Jugendliche für das Thema Finanzen begeistern. © Bling Nils Fig Winter wants to inspire children and young people for finance.

“Money Small” wants to make Nils Figwinter children from the age of seven. To do this, they should be able to deal with their own pocket money and above all cashless.

He founded the startup Bling together with Leon Stephan and published a prepaid card with the associated app. Parents can send their children pocket money.

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The offspring can then decide independently about the money and pay or save online with the card at the box. Various savings pots can be created via the app.

Money card and app for kids: Nils Feigenwinter and his team want to make pocket money digital. (Photo: Bling)

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This is often used, says the founder. Most young users would rather save their money inside, although they can simply spend it with the payment card.

The Berlin startup wants to encourage children and young people to deal with the topic of finances. “We try to cover what the school cannot do. I myself learned the sentence of the Pythagoras twelve school years, but nothing about dealing with money, ”says Figen winter in the podcast.

Few withdrawals from the prepaid card

Our increasingly digital life requires that children and adolescents get to know more than coin money. The minors are supposed to learn: to spend their money on or save their money via smartphone.

"Cash is still an important instrument in Germany," says Feigen winter. With the payment card, withdrawals are possible, but are rare. "Cash is regularly withdrawn from less than five percent of all cards," says the founder.

in the T3N Podcast not only tells Nils fig winter, like the bling users: tick inside, but also how he and his co-founder set up the startup.

they had support from well -known investor at an early stage. Among other things, Verena Pauster and André Schürrle prompted the young founder duo to get started. Bling and Schürrle would not only support bling with money, but also with good advice.

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