Travel: Change of radio contribution: New penalty fee is coming!

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A change in procedures for the contribution service could ensure that a lot of people will have to make penalty payments in the future. The details.

Brief und Überweisungsträger zum Rundfunkbeitrag © Imago / ShotShop letter and transfer provider for radio post

Most people pay the contribution service quarterly - some by direct debit, others by transfer. So far, the latter have received four payment reminders per year so that they do not forget to throw the transfer provider.

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. According to an report by the "Merkur" , there is now only a message on which all four payment dates are noted.

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Attention, failure surcharge!

Why? In order to make the operation more efficient (less administrative work) and cheaper (less postage costs), the contribution service announces.

The change, however, increases the risk that one or the other payment will be forgotten. If you miss the four -week period, you have to pay a failure surcharge of one percent or at least eight euros.

In the event of a reminder, the return debit fees of the respective bank come on top.

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contribution service recommends direct debit

The contribution service generally advises to issue a SEPA mandate: "The direct debit procedure is the most convenient and safest payment. To make transfers. "

If you still want to transfer the due contributions yourself, you should best enter the appointments directly in the calendar!


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