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Travel: falsifications-This is how you recognize fakes from sneakers, clothes and bags

Kate Middleton's Go-To White Sneakers Are on Sale for More Than 50% Off Right Now

  Kate Middleton's Go-To White Sneakers Are on Sale for More Than 50% Off Right Now You’ll save more than you spend on a pair of Supergas at AmazonSneaker season is technically every season, but there's something about throwing on a pair of baggy jeans and a cozy sweater with classic white sneakers that screams fall. Whether you're traveling, commuting to work, or hitting up your local pumpkin patch, a good pair can keep you comfy without messing up your outfit — and one of Hollywood's favorite styles is more than half off right now.

  Fälschungen - so erkennt man Fakes bei Sneakern, Kleidung und Taschen © getty images

online second-hand shops booming for years and an end is not in sight. On the contrary, more and more people act with vintage clothing and collector's objects about resale platforms. counterfeits of well -known brands are still often circulating among the originals. If you want to protect yourself from falling in a fake, you should consider these possible identification marks. (Read also: these are the 10 best winter shoes for men )

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The best sneaker releases of the week: mschf, adidas and dime x reebok

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from the MSchF Gobstomper "Sour Edition", via the Adidas Cos Fomquake to the Dime X Reebok Workout Plus - these are the most important sneaker releases for 2022.

Snag Carrie Underwood’s Favorite Workout Sneakers for up to 40% Off During Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale

  Snag Carrie Underwood’s Favorite Workout Sneakers for up to 40% Off During Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale They have a five-star rating on Amazon and come in so many fun colors!Underwood rocked the shoes while at a fitness event in Texas—and we definitely need a pair of our own. You can find the top-rated sneakers on Amazon in a number of fun colors and styles, and right now, thanks to Amazon's Prime Early Access Sale, certain colorways are being deeply discounted. You can now snag Underwood's favorite sneakers for up to 40% off. The kicks have thousands of five-star ratings from shoppers who say they are “super comfortable” and that the sneakers are the “best workout shoes” they’ve ever owned.

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Fake packaging: Files often come in paper or bag Pained a few sneakers or a cool vintage leather bag should already be aware of the packaging. For example, if the product comes in a bag or wrapped in a bag or wrapped in paper, caution is advised. Some shops actually send their goods without a box, but this is usually announced in the order confirmation. (Also interesting:

like outdoor fashion for streetwear hype was ) & smell: fakes usually smell striking according to cheap materials

It sounds simple-but when recognizing falsifications, the eyes can be easily fooled, your nose hardly. While materials that use brand labels to produce their originals smell of high-quality raw materials smell, cheap replacement products can often be recognized by a stronger smell. Fake sneakers smell strikingly strongly of plastic or adhesive. Recognize


The Best Supermodel Sneakers Under $100

  The Best Supermodel Sneakers Under $100 The ladies love a humble sneaker.Jenner hasn’t been the only supermodel embracing easy-breezy shoes. In the past, Emily Ratajkowski, Kaia Gerber, and Bella Hadid have worn styles from classic Converse Chuck Taylors, to Phoebe Philo-beloved Adidas Stan Smiths, and grandpa-approved New Balance 574 Cores.

counterfeits - the quality of the seams makes it possible

procedures that require great precision usually also have the biggest mistakes. When checking the seams of sneakers, clothes or bags (at best compared to an original of the same brand), you can easily compare the distance between individual holes and recognize the quality and structure of the thread. Imperfect seams are a good indicator of counterfeits. But be careful: originals can also have manufacturing errors and cannot be complained to as fake. This may only be a guarantee.



the more complicated a pattern, the more difficult it is to fake it. Therefore, you can also see from small details in patterns whether counterfeiters were at work and you have a copy in front of you.


nature, texture - and feeling

If the counterfeiters do not have crept into the factories of Nike, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada and Co. The originals. Therefore, copies will never be able to imitate the specific properties of the real materials - and you can feel that.


should therefore also be used when checking the upper material, you should also use your hands and your sense of touch: Even inexperienced fingers recognize the difference between leather and synthetic. There are also details in the arrangement or direction of the fibers or in the susceptibility to cracks.


basically applies, if you are not sure whether you have acquired counterfeits, you should look for help with the suspicious product - preferably where you can compare it with an original. This is possible either in the relevant business of the brand or in the course of a visit to a specialist in counterfeiting.


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