Canada: Production of Bitcoins: The Malaysian Police covers great power theft on

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For several raids in Malaysia, a high current flee flown up. The perpetrators have made the crypto bitcoin in a large style. This process has a very high energy combustion, which caused the perpetrators to relate the electricity illegally.

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• In the Malaysian district Miri is said to have been made with illegally related electricity Bitcoins

• The energy consumption of crypto feeds is immense

• The perpetrators were sentenced to a money and prison sentence

Bitcoin is by far the most popular crypto currency. It can either be bought or made yourself. The production that runs through the graphics card processor is called mining. According to the computer magazine "PC-world", the block chain of Bitcoin are added further blocks. Afterwards, the miners receive a reward in the form of bitcoins. A disadvantage of the mining: the high power consumption. No wonder one or the other Bitcoin manufacturer supplies its PC with illegal power. In Malaysia, this electric theft is incurred at the beginning of the year for several raids.

Understanding bitcoin – The most popular digital currency!

Understanding bitcoin – The most popular digital currency! Modern technology has reached great heights, and with the rapidly increasing use of the Internet, most things have been shifted over the Internet. Fiat currency is also getting lowly replaced by digital currency or cryptocurrency.

Prison for Strom Thieves

According to the Malaysian daily "The Star", the police have secured 1,069 computers and arrested eight people. The accused should have reported "Heise Online" with illegally related power bitcoin. The raids of the police were carried out in cooperation with the affected energy company Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB). 1.7 million euros should have cost the power theft SEB. - bitcoin action with plus 500 - that's how it works. 72% of private investor accounts lose money if you are using this provider CFDS . You should carefully check if you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. - In addition, it has always come to power outages again and again. The now confiscated computer systems, with a value of more than one million euros, were easily destroyed by the Malaysian police with a roller. Furthermore, six of the eight arrested persons were sentenced to a fine and eight months in prison.

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of the Bitcoin as a climatic

illegally related electricity could not only be a prison sentence, but also lead to life-threatening situations. According to the police in the Malaysian district Miri, three houses were burned down this year due to self-laid power connections. In view of this, the police and the energy company SEB further wants to further monitor mining processes and if necessary, if necessary. Due to the immense amount of electricity that needs to produce crypto feeds, the process is more and more in criticism. Especially the bitcoin is the most harmless to the other coins, according to the online magazine "Tech & Nature". According to the "Greenpeace Magazine", this annually consumes 116.12 terawatt hours of electricity, about as much as the Arab Emirates. If the Bitcoin would also be a state, it would be among the 30 most powerful countries in the world. Eco-friendly alternatives are already offered. Thus, some crypto feeds already use renewable energies or use methods that only require a fraction of energy expenditure.

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