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Canada: "Digital Wallet" The Federal Government again offline

What to expect from the next Trudeau Liberal government on health care

  What to expect from the next Trudeau Liberal government on health care The Trudeau Liberals made a number of health care promises over the course of the election. Here's a refresher on what their victory could mean for health care in Canada. Read more: Live Canada election results 2021 - Real-time results in the federal election

only a few days after the start of the app for digital storage of documents developed by the Chancellery, the offer for overload is offline again: The application ID wallet was on Thursday in the App Store and in the Google Play Store unavailable. With the app, digital evidence can be stored and used - first project was the digital driver's license.

Nur wenige Tage nach dem Start der vom Kanzleramt entwickelten App ID Wallet zur digitalen Speicherung von Dokumenten ist das Angebot wegen Überlastung wieder offline gegangen: Die Anwendung war am Donnerstag in den Stores nicht mehr verfügbar. © Jean-Christophe Testing Only a few days after the start of the app ID Vallet developed by the Chancellery, the offer for digital storage of documents has gone offline again due to overload: The application was no longer available on Thursday in the stores.

A government spokesman explained to the temporary stop of the "digital wallet", the "very high demand" would have "unexpected load tips". This has been affected by the use of the app. In addition, there have been many safety instructions.

The Liberals won the election. What will be the toughest promises for them to keep?

  The Liberals won the election. What will be the toughest promises for them to keep? Now that their promises to Canadians have paved way for the them to once again form government, it's time for the Liberals to actually try to keep them. Read more: Liberals projected to form minority government; Trudeau bills win as ‘clear mandate’ Global News took a look at their platform and identified which pledges will be the hardest for Trudeau's government to deliver on.

All this should now be considered - in the coming weeks, "extensive other tests" are based on the side of the Federal Government. During this time, the app will be taken from the stores. Together with well-planned improvements and changes to the design, the ID Wallet will be available "again in a few weeks again".

The Ministry of Transport declared problems with the ID Wallet led to "that the digital driver's license is currently not available". The Ministry had commissioned the Federal Office Federal Office (KBA) with the development.

The digital driver's license is issued on the basis of the data from the central registers of the KBA. The first application possibilities will work according to the ministry to facilitate the rental of rental cars or the use of carsharing offers. Step by gradually, the functions of the digital driver's license should be further expanded, up to the full equality with the classic card driver's license.


Residential school survivors saddened to hear Wilson-Raybould not consulted on compensation case in 2015 .
Residential school survivors say they're saddened to hear Canada's first Indigenous justice minister, Jody Wilson-Raybould, wasn't consulted on the government's decision to end its legal effort to make the Catholic Church pay millions in compensation it had promised to survivors.In the days after Wilson-Raybould was sworn in, the government dropped its court appeal of the Roman Catholic Church's compensation buyout agreement. That ended the government's legal attempts to make the church pay the millions in compensation remaining on its $79 million worth of promises to survivors.

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