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Canada: Chanel Number 5: When the perfume becomes a jewel

Grimes Says She Trolled Paparazzi by Staging Photo of Herself Reading Karl Marx

  Grimes Says She Trolled Paparazzi by Staging Photo of Herself Reading Karl Marx Grimes pulled a fast one on photographers after her high-profile split from SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. On Saturday (Oct. 2), the “Violence” singer admitted on Twitter that she recently trolled paparazzi by staging a photo of herself reading Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto while sitting on a sidewalk in downtown Los Angeles.“Paparazzi followed me 2 a shoot so I tried 2 think what I could do that would yield the most onion-ish possible headline and it worked haha,” Grimes captioned a screenshot of a New York Post article about the images in question.

She discovers the collection high jewelry chanel inspired by the perfume n ° 5. On the program: guided tour at the heart of an incredible presentation and interview with Marion Cotillard which celebrates the hundred years of the famous fragrance.

  Chanel Numéro 5 : quand le parfum devient un bijou © She

It was a Fashion-Week evening where the torrential rain made Paris apocalyptic. No taxis, screaming horn, soggy brushing, stuck heels in ventilation grilles ... A little hell on earth for the fashion people used to a life of velvet. But it will have been enough to push the door from Maxim's, Rue Royale in Paris, where the venerable house of Cambon Street gave a dinner to celebrate its collection of high jewelry imagined around the famous n ° 5, to find luxury and pleasure. Here, the all-Paris of the press trinquered the champagne and the success of these foolish jewels that celebrate both jasmine, the design of the bottle or even the spirit of the most famous fragrance in the world. A single star was present, and it's the biggest: Marion Cotillard, Chanel's ambassador. In a pants-pants a little canaille, sublimated by a diamond necklace called eternal, and with this mix of Parisian gouille and grace of Hollywood that is clean, the actress responded to 5 questions around the "5". After Thomas Dupré de Saint Maur, General Manager of Creative Resources Perfume Beauty and Watchmaking of Chanel, does not tell us the secrets of fabrications of a collection already worship. Results ? Madame Dream!

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