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Canada: Lyon: two "without master" students on hunger strike, an insoluble problem?

All about Saint-Étienne - Lyon ... TV channel, composed, streaming / league 1 (9th day)

 All about Saint-Étienne - Lyon ... TV channel, composed, streaming / league 1 (9th day) AS Saint-Etienne and the Olympique Lyonnais compete this Sunday (20h45, 9th day of L1). Here are the probable compos, the chain and streaming. © Provided by Football 365 Claude Puel has sliced ​​for Ruffier Derby time has sounded for the Greens and Gones. This Sunday in Geoffroy-Guichard, Saint-Etienne receives Lyon (20:45) as part of the ninth league lifer 1. In diametrically opposed dynamics, both teams will seek to win for very different reasons.

Two Lyon students went on a hunger strike, for lack of being able to get for the moment a master's place in the chain of their choice

Lyon, le 14 novembre 2017. Illustration d'étudiant sur le campus des quais de l'université Lumière Lyon-II à Lyon. © E. Frisullo / 20 minutes Lyon, November 14, 2017. Illustration of student on the Campus des Quais from the Light Lyon-II University in Lyon. Universite - Two Lyon students went on strike of hunger, for failing to have been able to get a place in master in the sector of their choice

"extremely tired", "exhausted" by the strike of the Hungry , Rabah ended up lifting the camp this Tuesday morning. And trouble finding the words to express themselves. The day before, his friend Iman taken from a discomfort was conducted at the hospital ultimately. The two students settled in front of the Lyon 2 University and ceased to feed on October 5th, in spite and by revolt. Because they could not register in Master in order to continue their rights studies [business rights and recovery of companies in difficulty]. Because they ended up the beak in the water after having argued their right to continue their studies.

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According to the Decree of May 19, 2021, the rectorate has the obligation to submit three proposals to all students, holding a license, who wish to register in Master. Rabah and Iman were recalled with Lyon 3, Lyon 2 and Aix-en-Provence. Without them understanding the reasons. "Surprisingly, my application was refused by Lyon 2 University since the establishment does not recognize my license obtained at the University Lyon 3, faculty that is on the sidewalk, is surprised by Rabah. Iman's candidacy was refused by a stereotyped motif, sent to the word near, at punctuation. »

1,400 students waiting for places in the academy

their case is not isolated . Far from there. The Academy of Lyon has been seized of 1,400 registered student files on the government platform find my Master . Students holding a license that have, for the moment, could not register anywhere, for lack of places available in the desired channels.

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The Rectorate has indicated 20 minutes "identify places where there are places to respond to students" by the end of October taking into account the territorial aspect but also of the sector. "The idea is to be able to allow them to continue their courses in the region," we are assured.

Rabah and Iman records were reviewed last week without it succeeding in a solution on Lyon. The first was offered to go to the University of Clermont-Ferrand to register in Master. The second is invited to follow a professional license in Saint-Etienne. Proposals they have declined. "These solutions are unacceptable," reacts Marie Chapleau, a member of the UNION UNION UNEF. All can not afford to move. And register for professional license does not guarantee to be accepted by mastering next year.

Deffective levels Too small

The young woman is aware that the problem far exceeds Lyon borders. "This situation is linked to the government's policy of closing the doors of higher education. Selective policies have been put in place in recent years, whether licensed or in master, "she denounces. Obtaining a license mention is one of the criteria of choice for master admissions. And the staff levels are very restricted. Too much, according to the UNEF. Especially in the very popular law channels.

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In the Academy of Lyon, the numbers are eloquent. Lyon 3 University, in which then studied Rabah and Iman, has recorded 35,700 Claims for Master 1 in law for 1,350 places available. In Lyon-2, more than 5,200 folders for only 255 seats. The establishment has "pushed the walls" to mount the gauge at 269 places. "Beyond, the rooms are full. The teachers can no longer follow. And to have extra teachers, it takes money ... and there, it stuck, blows in the corridors of the university. The universities of the big cities of France are turned on. The solutions, we can not find them all alone. And most are far from ideal ... »

CompanyWhile the problem of students without master has increased in recent years MontpellierMontpellier: the student in law on hunger strike since Friday found a Master

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