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Canada: finally creates the Var - he hurts the football

Eagles trade Joe Flacco back to Jets after Zach Wilson's injury

  Eagles trade Joe Flacco back to Jets after Zach Wilson's injury Joe Flacco is rejoining the Jets, who are in need of help at quarterback after Zach Wilson suffered a knee injury expected to sideline him for weeks.The Jets traded for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Joe Flacco, Eagles coach Nick Sirianni confirmed in a news conference. The Jets are sending a conditional sixth-round pick to the Eagles, which could become a fifth-round pick depending on how much Flacco plays for the Jets, according to ESPN, which first reported the trade.

Dortmund. The video assistant should make the football fairer. That still does not succeed, the space reference for Mats Hummels against Ajax Amsterdam shows once more impressive. In its current form, the Var harms the game - and also the referees.

 Schiedsrichter Michael Oliver diskutiert nach der Roten Karte gegen Mats Hummels mit den BVB-Profis. © Martin Meissner Referee Michael Oliver discusses the Red Card against Mats Hummels with the BVB professionals.

"Irrish is human" - this also applies to football referees. Or rather: Galt. Because with the introduction of the video assistant referee (Var), the promise also went back, the football would be free of errors from now on. That's not the case shows the red card against BVB defender Mats Hummels in the Champions League game against Ajax Amsterdam impressive.

Hakimi, the explanation behind his red card

 Hakimi, the explanation behind his red card © provided by Mr. Bastien excluded him after intervention of the Var. This will not extinguish all the polemics, but microphones could be placed on the Referees of Ligue 1 in the coming months. The goal ? Hear the exchanges between the referee and the players, as well as between the referee and the Var. One can get a glimpse of what this could give with the extracts of the OM-PSG dating (0-0) revealed by the technical direction of the arbitration (DTA), and relayed by RMC.

Referee Michael Oliver makes his job on the lawn since 2010 full-time, whistles internationally for many years. So you can certainly trust him, the grasse of Hummels, in which he does not even make opponent Antony directly on the place correctly. However, he did not do that and instead zupted the red card after a drama deposit of the AJAX professionals. But wrong is human. And although in a world without a video assistant, the Dortmund after the game would be able to complain about the wrong decision, but also have to admit that the English referee can come to this false assessment of the situation at its viewing angle and in real speed.

in football, however, there are now the video assistant. And he has tens of views and slow motions available to evaluate the game. At the latest, it would have had to recognize that the boarding of bumblebees would have been punishable only with yellow - no matter how much Antony winds after contact on the ground. The referee blog "Collinas heiren" comes to the conclusion: "Red is out of the question, despite all the momentum. Yellow for Hummels and a clear announcement to Antony. "

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If the VaR, the same or even more pictures are doing this assessment does not have to help itself, he has at least asking the field referee to the screen to look at the scene again . But instead he confirms him in his wrong decision. Oliver himself did not even look at the situation anymore. This does not just harm the BVB and the game, but also the referees itself.

they lose through the VAR anyway on authority in the square because everyone of their whistles of players and spectators is more questioned than before. In addition, you get the feeling that you can either be more faster to doubted decisions or are basically shy away from whistles in difficult situations - according to the motto "If it was wrong, the video assistant will tell already". The in turn is periodically dispensed with intervention in order not to make the main referee. A double error-prone system that has no future.

'Upset of the century': Tiny Kentucky college beat Harvard football 100 years ago

  'Upset of the century': Tiny Kentucky college beat Harvard football 100 years ago Harvard had gone undefeated in 1919 and 1920, winning the Rose Bowl that year, but lost at home in front of 45,000 on Oct. 29, 1921.The simple combination of two letters and two digits is a century-old rallying cry for Centre College in Danville, Kentucky, a celebration of a monumental triumph. It commemorates an event from 100 years ago today, when, on Oct. 29, 1921, Centre defeated Harvard 6-0 in a college football game.

The VaR advocates always propagate that errors are avoided by the technical tools. So expect clubs, players and spectators from the referees on the square and in the video basement a flawless game line - which they just can not fulfill. And so it comes to errors, but these will always be more difficult to forgive. With the referees, hardener gone to the court, the tense relationship with fans and players is approaching. It would be in the interest of all to say: Creates the Var finally! Because wrong is human - and the football too.

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