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Canada: Reportage. "I love this universe": Eric Zemmour to the conquest of a more popular

Mélenchon forced to explain after it on Zemmour and anti-Semitism

 Mélenchon forced to explain after it on Zemmour and anti-Semitism The candidate of France unsuitable for the presidential election has published Friday a message on Facebook in response to the controversy triggered by remarks kept the day before on BFMTV . © Francois Nascimbeni / AFP Jean-Luc Mélenchon is "ready to admit that [it followed badly". In a text published on Facebook Friday, the candidate of France unsightlves reacts to a paralegal triggered by remarks kept the day before on the plateau of BFMTV . He went wrong, recognizes the hon.

electorate in Chavagneux, the polemicist has still hardened his speech to attack a little more electoral base of Marine Le Pen.

Eric Zemmour lors de la tournée promotionnelle de son livre © Simon Eric Zemmour During the promotional tour of his book

"Zemmour will never win, because the popular classes do not identify him." This statement is signed Marine Le Pen. The frontier candidate knows, she has the advantage of being able to count on a popular base that remained faithful to her. An audience that Eric Zemmour must still seduce. His trip, Friday, to Charvieu-Chavagneux, village of 10,000 inhabitants, is a first step towards this electorate. The Mayor Lr Gérard dezotte, who will give his sponsorship to Eric Zemmour after having supported Marine Le Pen in 2016, thanks him "for his presence and courage". In the overloaded gym of the small town of Isere, the fans of the polemicist hurry, impatient to see him arrive. And the spectators on this Friday differ from previous events. From the beginning of the conference, the voice of Eric Zemmour is covered by the cries of the background of the room, which echoes the organizers to "release the press" because the flow of journalists prevents them from seeing the scene. "France it's not that! It's not just the media! A little respect!", Cries a man at the bottom of the gym.

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in the small village isérois, the public is harder, like the speech of Eric Zemmour, which evokes "the Right that kills and violates "," the regulatory swamp and normative of the state ", the risk of emerge" a new aristocracy "and even the purchasing power of the inhabitants of" peripheral France ". "Death sentence !" "Death the power of the judges!" "Change the Constitution!", Launches the room, hysterized. "North Isère is the RN right horizon, commented Antoine Melliès, director of Mayor's cabinet and close to Marion Marechal. It is a commune with a strong industrial past, which has kept this popular legacy. An electorate Rn which votes very well for the mayor. " An RN electorate who is looking for a new figure, in short. Because in the room, many are disappointed by Marine Le Pen, which denounce the "sweetened speech" of this one.

video - "Éric Zemmour is complexed with its origins, its name is Berber": the polemicist passed to the screen

 video - © Laetitia notarianni / Bestimage video - "Éric Zemmour is complexed with his origins, his name is Berber": the polemicist Past to the sifter on the occasion of the rise of Éric Zemmour, a candidate not yet official for 2022, in the surveys, c to you invited three religious women. All have done a little flattering analysis of the old CNEWS chronicler. Eric Zemmour did not convince everyone with his political positions.

We will see when the popular classes go into the election

in Charvieu-Chavagneux, Eric Zemmour touches the finger the radical electorate he wants to seduce. The one he tries to snatch, for months, to the front artist candidate. He knows that he will need it. To the evocation of his recent stagnation in the polls, he retorts: "We will see, in January, when the popular classes will return to the election. We will see who they feel the most able to defeat Emmanuel Macron to the debate of the second tower." The whole bet of the polemist is there. Succeed, by then, to impose, with his electorate, by contrast with Marine Le Pen, like the rhetoric capable of beating Emmanuel Macron during a debate. Behind the scenes, it is helped by the Marion Marshal supports, which structure the support and help it in the search for sponsorships. The relatives of the mayor are also relatives of the former frontier deputy, the union activists of the rights, limited, for some, of the national rally.

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clan seduce the popular classes without getting up a easier electorate that is already acquired: this is the thread on which Eric Zemmour has been walking for weeks. But on the lands of Gérard dezotte, who has passed this alloy at the local level, it takes a step towards this audience, Nicolas Sarkozy and the Karcher. And to those who say to the edge that Eric Zemmour remains little known to this electorate, Gérard dezempte tells a anecdote: "I am hunter, and in the small towns of the Ain and Isère, Eric Zemmour is The political personality of which we speak most. Those who say that it is not known in the territories do not know rurality. " Responding to the question of a president of a hunting association, Eric Zemmour says: "I like this universe, I like it. For me the hunting is a book of Balzac, a world of the friendliness of the heat Human, aperitaries at 8am and a little heavy jokes. You can count on me to be your defender. " The meeting ends on a Marseillaise withdrawn by the room. At least those are conquered.

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