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Canada: LGBT: The Goncourt Mohamed Mbougar Sarr price makes controversy in Senegal

AFGHANISTAN: Taliban allegedly shot from people who put music to a wedding

 AFGHANISTAN: Taliban allegedly shot from people who put music to a wedding © AFP - Wakil Kohsar The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan did not legislate the practice or listening to non-religious music . On the other hand, the very conservative movement is not favorable. In a village in eastern Afghanistan, Taliban fighters would have opened fire in a wedding against guests playing music. The facts date back to Friday night, October 29th. At least two people were killed and there would be several wounded.

L'écrivain sénégalais Mohamed Mbougar Sarr a été récompensé du prix Goncourt le 3 novembre, pour La Plus secrète mémoire des hommes (Philippe Rey). © Bertrand Guay / AFP Senegalese writer Mohamed Mbougar Sarr was awarded the Goncourt Prize on November 3, for the most secret memory of men (Philippe Rey).

National communion has given way to a homophobic wave. Less than a week after being rewarded, Wednesday, Goncourt price for The most secret memory memory , published by Philippe Rey, the Senegalese writer Mohamed Mbougar Sarr is the subject of a denigration campaign In his country of birth where he is criticized for having made the apology of homosexuality. At first glanced in Senegal for his literary triumph, the child of the country has been providing for a few days less laudatory, if not frankly hostile, on the part of part of his compatriots, on social networks, where the praises have left room for a wave of messages pinned from the formula "Congratulations removed" .

COP26: Trudeau says world needs a ‘standard’ for pricing carbon. What might that look like?

  COP26: Trudeau says world needs a ‘standard’ for pricing carbon. What might that look like? The COP26 summit comes as the world is experiencing dramatic effects from climate change, and as leaders face growing pressure to chart a unified path forward to mitigate harms. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used his platform before world leaders gathered for the COP26 climate summit this week to urge the creation of global standards when it comes to pricing pollution.

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A Volness-Face Account on the account of the previous book of Mohamed Mbougar Sarr, pure men (Philippe Rey, 2018). Sometimes confused by Internet users with the awarded work this year by the Goncourt Academy, the book tells the story of a letter of letters facing the ordinary violence of homophobia, creeping in Senegal. An interview granted by the writer to the Journal The world , in 2018, is also under the fire of criticism. "A good homosexual in Senegal is either a homosexual hiding or a public fishing, or a homosexual dead , had declared the author, before sorry for the political abandonment vis-à-vis LGBT communities of the country, for more than a decade. Unfortunately, religious power has a very strong grip on spirits. Even politicians or academics must above all allegiance to religious power. "

The Renaudot Award Amélie Nothomb for "First Blood"

 The Renaudot Award Amélie Nothomb for © Joël Le Gall / West-France Amelie Nothomb during a dedication to Rennes in 2014. The Belgian novelist Amélie Nothomb won, this Wednesday, November 3rd, the Renaudot price for "first blood", seemed at Albin Michel. The Belgian novelist Amélie Nothomb received this Wednesday 3 November the Renaudot 2021 price for its latest book, first blood. The Best-Sellers's auditor was elected in the 2nd round, with 6 voices.

The taboo of homosexuality in Senegal

A position that has reacted in Senegal where large Muslim brotherhoods flourish. "Just like Diary Sow that the French media seek to promote at all costs, this gentleman is a perfect vector to destroy our cultures and beliefs," laments a user. "I remove my congratulations outright and I regret it enormously" , says another, on Twitter. Influential in Senegal, where she has been able to censor several popular series, the Islamic NGO will share with its concern about the attribution of the Goncourt prize to Mohamed Mbougar Sarr, mentioning on Facebook, an "hyper-media coverage Western (suspect) »

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designated under the term pejorative Wolof of Góor-Jigean (for "Man-Woman" ), homosexuals are strongly repressed in Senegal, where any "impudic or against nature" act between people of the same sex is prohibited by the Penal Code. "Homosexuals are considered animals that do not have the right to live, which do not have the right to be in Senegalese society. These are people to shoot down ", had testified last May, for Franceinfo , Djamil Bangoura, the president of the Association Prudence, devoted to the defense of the rights of persons LGBT. " in Senegal, homosexuality is not a debate. People are against and that's all, has brought with , about Mohamed Mbougar Sarr, a persecuted homosexual that ended up leaving Senegal. The simple fact of approaching the subject is shocking, it is seen through this polemic .

"I do not even know if I have something to say about it. I am a writer and I try to do my job as a writer , reacted from Thursday Mohamed Mbougar Sarr, in an interview with ITV Senegal. Evoking "misunderstandings, misunderstandings", the writer claimed to respect all the criticisms, as long as it is the effort to be the most just possible ". "I'm just asking for what I wrote. And we know how to read, too. To know how to read is also something that is learned. "

Companies tied to Aaron Rodgers are in a tough spot after controversy over his COVID vaccine stance .
Aaron Rodgers got caught in a firestorm with comments about COVID vaccines. Companies associated with him are struggling to navigate the controversy.The woman works for Bellin Health, the official healthcare provider for the Green Bay Packers. Ten months ago, the Packers selected the woman to be one of about 7,500 vaccinated “healthcare heroes’’ to attend the Super Bowl that February as a gesture for their work during COVID-19.

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