Canada: Tezos: Who is behind the still young crypto currency and what makes you so popular?

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Tezos (XTZ) has only been on the market since 2018 - and experiences a huge hype. Especially for reasons of security, the relatively young crypto feed is so popular. But where does the currency come from?

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• The Initial Coin Offering ran well, then there were delays and Legs

• Tezos Smart Contracts are considered to be particularly safe, Hard Forks are avoided

• Tezos repressed Etherum at the largest bank South America's

Tezos is a blockchain company that deals with XTZ tokens and focuses on working with Smart Contracts. The company founded in 2017 from the former Morgan Stanley analyst Arthur Breitman and his wife Kathleen Breitman is priority with certainty, which it wants to offer with the help of a special technology.

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Delay of product introduction and collection action

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) The Digital Currency Tezos of the same name was initially a great success: It started on 1 July 2017 and became the second largest ICO of history - Tezos took the value BTC and EtherEm worth of $ 232 million. Only the ICO by FileCon was greater, with a value of a total of $ 257 million.

Then there were difficulties with the then President of the Foundation of the Company "Dynamic Ledger Solutions", which was founded by the Breitmans to develop the blockchain's source code. Foundation and businesses are sitting in Switzerland, contractually agreed to hear that the foundation bought the company's finished source code. Johann Gevers (President of the Foundation) refused according to media reports after an internal dispute to withdraw and blocked additional funds of the foundation.

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For this reason, the currency could not be further developed efficiently and a delay in the launch was the result - Geverse finally returned. At the same time, there was a collection claim against the Breitmans with the accusation of having traded with unregistered securities.

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The TEZOS technology: Baker instead of Miner

at Tezos produce "Baker" with a minimum share - "Stake" - from 10,000 XTZ a block. The so-called "baking" system is similar to that of the miner, but is safer according to the information on the TEZOS website. Likewise, the decentralized organization of the blockchain is apparently good - Hard Forks are avoided: The first governance update "Athens" has already been successfully taken over. By avoiding Hard Forks, according to Tezos, large stakeholders should be served as long as possible.

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The Smart Contracts are checked differently than other crypto currencies with a mathematical process. A proof-of-stake is performed - errors should be almost completely excluded. The process is intended to prevent computing performance with the review of the Shares instead of (as with BTC) of the computing power that a single out of the automatic voting mechanism that replaces the accountant than many.

How to continue with Tezos in the future - is everything just a hype?

Tezos has competition: among other things, the crypto ethereum. At BTC Patual, the largest bank of South America, since 2019 only emitted on Tezos Security Token - before the bank was previously based on Security Token Offers (Sto) on EtherEm. Of course, this does not mean that Tezos has already beaten all competition into the wind. But: Tezos' market capitalization ensures crypto currency a place among the ten largest digital tokens.

On its website, Tezos explains that in the future, privacy, which is also associated with data protection, should be improved to the consensus, scalability, smart contracts, and blockchain principles. It can be assumed that these topics will gain importance in the future - so probably has no bad chances to defend its position among the top 10 crypto currencies.Gla Rogler / Editorial

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