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Canada: home purchase: property prices rise by up to 18 percent - beyond the metropolises

Real Estate in the Province: Beyond Metropolites

 Real Estate in the Province: Beyond Metropolites © Guiziou Franck / Libourne, in Gironde Human-sized centers, space and good level services: around metropolises, always dynamic, c is the rush on small towns. The prices of real estate take off. a room for each of the children, a terrace for receiving his friends, an office for telecompillating, a quality digital connection ...

Housing prices always set new records, a study shows. Especially the prices for apartments and houses outside the metropolises shoot in height.

The detached Rotklinkerhaus in Hamburg's border district Schnelsen was already a bit older. The kitchen tiles are reminiscent of a bygone era, the floors are screaming for a renovation and the oil heater does not correspond more to today's standards. And yet, with a purchase price of 990,000 euros, the owners call a premium price.

Half a year ago buyer at the same property would have probably saved well a tenth. On average, the prices of houses and condos in Hamburg have increased in this short period by 10.5 percent, showing the new purchase price of Atlas financing intermediary Baufi24. This means that prices are sharply higher here than in any other metropolis in Germany.

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The housing boom knows no exceptions in the Federal Republic. As the study shows, the purchase prices in all German cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants have increased. The national average property now cost seven percent more than last year. "20 cities are growing priced at double-digit percentage range - a rapid development of local markets," says Tomas Peeters, head of Baufi24. And, although more building permits (5.4 per cent) as the Federal Statistical Office were issued than in the same period last year recently announced.

German In the seven cities have become more expensive residential real estate by an average of about eight percent. For a square meter buyers now need to schedule an average of 6062 euros. A property with 130 square meters of living space would therefore cost 788,000 euros.

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More Expensive is the home acquisition in Munich. The real estate prices are indeed percentage did not increase as much as in Hamburg or Frankfurt. But with a square meter price of 10,305 euros now, the Bavarian capital is the most expensive paving Germany.

price boom in East Germany

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For owner-occupiers, it is in the face of high prices and more difficult to find an affordable property. Often the purchase costs devour all the savings. The amount - depending on the state - up to twelve percent of the purchase price. But investors are purchasing real estate facing greater challenges. Especially in the cities, the purchase prices have recently risen faster than rents. There, it is difficult to find a profitable investment.

Whether owner-occupiers or investors: The search for cheaper real estate is driving many buyers in cities of the second row. The result: Here prices are rising now faster than in the big cities. "Regions with lower purchase prices pull priced sharply. These are clear impacts of the pandemic: people now work more flexible and independent of the employer location and have the desire for more freedom, "says Baufi24 boss Peeters.

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particularly East German cities were in demand in the last six months. In Zwickau, prices rose by nearly 18 percent - as much as in any other city in the republic. Similar numbers raised Baufi24 for Cottbus and Rostock.

In Bremerhaven, the prices by nearly 16 percent angestiegen- the third largest increase in the Republic. After all, the prices are still relatively low in the secondary locations. In Bremerhaven, a square meter costs 2,076 euros on average. This corresponds to a third of the Hamburger levels. Last purchase price Atlas in late summer Bremerhaven was the only city where property prices had fallen.

also in Salzgitter prices per square meter compared to the booming cities are moderate with about 2,770 euros. In addition, prices move into the 100,000-inhabitant town in Lower Saxony only slowly, the last six months to just 1.4 percent.

Also in Trier and Moers both the purchase prices and keep the price increases still limited. There so buyers do not have a good chance to get to affordable housing.

more: Property prices continue to rise, the supply is limited, and loans are still low. With more and more interested to last minute panic is spreading. But only when buyers finance wisely and avoid common mistakes, the dream of owning a home can satisfy.

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