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Canada: Germany wants to support the Belarusian exile opposition more strongly

The risk of an "accidental war" against Russia is at the highest

 The risk of an © Iraqi and Syrian migrants attempt to cross the Belarusian border to go to POLOG ... Iraqi and Syrian migrants try to cross the border. Belarusian to go to Poland, where the army is mobilized. L Oksana Manchuk / Belta / AFP The current leader of the British Forces, General Sir Nick Carter, who will give his place by the end of the month, expressed his great concern about the situation in the border between Belarus and Poland .

Germany wants to support the Belarusian exile opposition more strongly. "Since it has almost become impossible to support activities in Belarus, we must intensify our cooperation with the persons in exile," said Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) on Monday at a virtual international conference on the situation in the country according to the previous published editorial manuscript . He also criticized the Belarusian government for their "cynical instrumentalization of migrants" in conflict with the EU.

Deutschland will die belarussische Exil-Opposition stärker unterstützen. In Belarus selbst gebe es keinen Raum mehr für Zivilgesellschaft, sagte Außenminister Maas. Er kritisierte zudem Belarus' Rolle im Flüchtlingsstreit mit der EU. © John Thys Germany wants to support the Belarusian exile opposition more strongly. In Belarus itself there is no room for civil society, said Foreign Minister Maas. He also criticized Belarus's role in the reimbursement of refugees with the EU.

At the conference organized by Austria, the Belarusian opposition leader Swetlana Tichanowskaya took part in the exile. Maas called her and her colleague living abroad to the unity. The Belarussian ruler Alexander Lukashenko hope to "make out of time over time". However, she could "prove the opposite". Maas also presented financial assistance for the exile opposition. According to

Belarus brings migrants from Polish warehouse with buses from

 Belarus brings migrants from Polish warehouse with buses from Warsaw. The location along the Belarussian border seems to relax. According to the Polish government, the Belarusian government has picked up migrants from a camp. © Leonid Shcheglov Migrants from the Middle East and other countries gather at the checkpoint "Kuznitsa" at the Belarusian-Polish border at Grodno. According to the Polish government, Belarus has brought migrants with buses from a makeshift camp at the border.

Maas, there are more than 870 political prisoners in Belarus. This is a "high" in the Ex-Soviet Republic. There are also reports of hundreds of torture. "The regime has taken the civil society the remaining scope," said Maas. Even "completely unpolitical organizations and associations" should no longer work.

Video: Poland warns about "escalation" in conflict with Belarus (AFP)

Maas also criticized the "shocking pictures" of the refugee on the border between Poland and Belarus: "Pictures of freezing children, women and men in forests - And from Belarussian border wire, which push people in barbed wire fences ". They are the "last proof of the rupture liqueashenko".

The EU introduces the Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko, as retaliation for sanctions deliberately to smug migrants to the boundaries of EU countries Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. In the Belarusian-Polish border area, thousands of people are currently fixed by the Middle East at temperatures around the freezing point.


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