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Canada: 27 Escaped drowned in the English Channel

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Calais. While trying to cross the channel in the direction of the UK with a rubber boat, 27 people lost their lives. Boris Johnson convenes an emergency meeting.

 Französische Polizisten patrouillieren an den Stränden in der Nähe von Calais. © Gareth Fuller French policemen patrol the beaches near Calais.

A fisherman made the gruesome discovery in the afternoon: he discovered off the coast of the French port city of Calais more than a dozen corpses that floated in the water. The television station BFMTV reported 27 drownings that had apparently tried to cross the English Channel with a boat towards the UK. Prime Minister Jean Castex awarded him short message service Twitter by tragedy. "My thoughts are with the many missing and injured victims of criminal tractors that take advantage of their plight." Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin still wanted to go in the evening to Calais, where three helicopters and three ships for bodies or survivors sought.

Basque Country: A man dies drowned by trying to cross the border between Spain and France

 Basque Country: A man dies drowned by trying to cross the border between Spain and France © LP / Olivier Corsan Illustration. The body of a man was found in the Bidassoa, this coastal river that has been materializing since 1659 the Franco-Spanish border between Irun and Hendaye. LP / Olivier Corsan New tragedy at the Franco-Spanish border . The lifeless body of a man, a migrant of African origin according to the first elements of investigation, was found Saturday in the Bidassoa River between Spain and France, announced the Spanish Basque Police.

The accident was foreseeable, given the high numbers of fugitives who are already with barely seaworthy boats, the strait between Calais and Dover crossed this year. More than 30,000 attempted the crossing, some 7,000 of them caught the French Coast Guard off. The rest reached the UK. "You saw yourself that an abnormal pressure built up and the drama were coming about," responded the mayor of Calais, Natacha Bouchart, on television. She called for more resources against the traffickers who take several thousand euros for a crossing. Order Now

currently hold, according to aid agencies more than a thousand Escaped in Calais. Activists like Ludovic Holbein and Anaïs bird who fought a 37-day hunger strike for better treatment of the stranded in Calais people criticize the treatment of fugitives by the police. For years, Calais is a synonym for the Flüchtingselend. Five years ago the Socialist Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve therefore was clear the "jungle", a wild stock, up to 10,000 people lived in the. Pictures of fugitives who were sleeping under poor planning in the mud, went around the world. In the fall of 2016, the people from Sudan, Eritrea or Syria were then bused to other accommodation throughout the country. But Calais and 40 kilometers away Kirazli have thus lost none of its appeal. The fugitives us hope from there continue to Britain, where they have relatives or a quick job.

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The responsibility for the situation on the English Channel UK and France push themselves to each other. London had more promised in the summer of 60 million euros in addition to border installations and police checks for the French side, which controls the British border on the English Channel. But the British government accuses France not to monitor the coastal strip enough. After the fall of the dinghy Prime Minister Boris Johnson called an emergency meeting, according to the AFP news agency.

The port of Calais, tried from which many Escaped in trucks to cross the channel, has been expanded in recent years been a fortress. That's why many are now trying to cross the rubber boats about 30 kilometers wide strait. The sporting goods chain Decathlon took just over a week in four cities on the English Channel their inflatable kayaks from the range after several men had been trying for rowing across the sea. On some days, more than a thousand people dare the perilous crossing. In the past year, thereby died six people, in 2019 there were three.

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Shipwreck in the Channel: The two survivors received a residence permit .
© Ben Stansall / AFP on November 24, a migrant vessel took the water and casting, on the sleeve, in the Channel. The shipwreck of a migrant vessel Wednesday, November 24, before 27 dead, leaving only two men survivored with the drama. They obtained a residence permit on Thursday, December 2nd. The two survivors of the wrecking of a migrant boat in the Channel, Wednesday, November 24 , obtained a residence permit, indicated a source within the services of the State Thursday, December 2.

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