Canada: nuclear. France needs a "significant" number of reactors, according to Bruno the Mayor

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La centrale nucléaire de Bugey, en 2015. Photo d’illustration. © Robert Pratta / Archives Reuters The Bugey nuclear power plant, in 2015. Photo of illustration.

On the sidelines of the World Nuclear Exhibition, Bruno The Mayor, the Minister of the Economy felt that France needed to build a significant number of nuclear reactors. The President of the Republic must decide shortly the modalities of the launch of a new program.

France needs an number "significant" of nuclear reactors, estimated on Tuesday, November 30, the Minister of the Economy Bruno the Mayor , while the country is preparing to revive a construction program whose contours must still be specified.

reactors for "reindustrializing and decarbonner

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" The President of the Republic will determine the number of reactors necessary but reindustrialize and decarbon, it means more nuclear reactors to produce more electricity that will be used for the decarbonation of major industrial sites " , said the minister to journalists on the margin of the opening of the show World Nuclear Exhibition, near Paris.

France, one of the most nuclearized countries in the world, is preparing to build new reactors on its soil, about twenty years after the commissioning of the last, announced President Emmanuel Macron the November 9, . However, the number of reactors, schedule or financing have not yet been specified.

Nuclear Nuclear soon in European Green Taxonomy

Bruno The Mayor also indicated that nuclear power should be "registered in the coming days" in the "Green Taxonomy" European, a list of energies deemed virtuous for the climate and the environment. This classification will open access to green finance, giving a crucial competitive advantage to recognized channels.

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"It would be inconceivable and irresponsible that nuclear energy is not recognized as a decarbonated energy in European taxonomy" and "We will win this fight" , assured the minister.

"This is one of the topics of discussion we have with the new German government, I am confident that we can reach a compromise with Germany on this subject so that, in the coming days, nuclear power is in all Letters in European taxonomy », he said.

Disagreement between Europeans

The inclusion of nuclear power opposes the European countries, shared between France and the countries of Central Europe and on the other hand Germany, Austria or Luxembourg. Berlin, however, had opened the way for a compromise.

What to remember the debate between Eric Zemmour and Bruno The Mayor .
© Christophe Archambault / AFP Compatibility of Islam with the Republic, confrontation on the Raw of Vel 'of HIV: the candidate for the election Presidential Eric Zemmour and the Minister of Economy Bruno The Mayor have delivered, Thursday night on France 2, to a stirred debate on the state of the country and its history, and their conception of the nation. The evening was animated Thursday night on France 2 between Éric Zemmour and Bruno the Mayor .

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