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Canada: Mercenaries Wagner in Central African Republic: The Formation Mission of the European Union reconsidered

World Cup qualifier playoffs draw: Final Qatar 2022 spots around world & Europe

  World Cup qualifier playoffs draw: Final Qatar 2022 spots around world & Europe The European playoffs and the intercontinental playoff matchups are set: One of Portugal or Italy is sure to miss out on Qatar 2022.FIFA held the draw at its Zurich headquarters to determine the matchups that will assign the final three World Cup berths in Europe, as well as the two intercontinental playoff berths (details below). What's certain is that one of Italy or Portugal will definitely miss out on Qatar 2022.

Le groupe Wagner, intervient en Centrafrique comme au Mali, au grand dam de l'UE. © D.R. The Wagner Group, intervenes in Central African Republic and Mali, the Grand Dam of the EU. France, and with it the European Union has lost much of its influence in Central African Republic. If it needed new evidence, this new "Scandal Wagner" is a new example. The presence of the Russian group Wagner in the Central African Republic and its hold on the country could indeed lead the European Union to put an end to its Central African Armed Forces training mission, announced Tuesday the services of the head of the Josep diplomacy Borrell. "A review of the strategy is in progress. It takes into account all the factors that influence our commitment to the field of peace. This includes the presence of actors and entities in the field of safety, "said Nabila Massrali, Josep Borrell spokesman. "This examination makes it possible to inform the Member States and the European Union of progress and to recommend ways to follow, including eventual review or termination of the mission," she added. "We are concerned about the presence of the Wagner Group in 23 African countries and the very close ties of this society with Russia," she said. "Recent documented, national and international reports denounce human rights violations committed by Russian instructors and private companies operating in the Central African Republic," she recalled. A report submitted to the Member States refers to the taking of control by the Wagner Group of a Battalion of the Central African Army formed by the EU, indicated a European source confirming information from the online information site EUOBSER . This situation could weigh in the decision that Member States will take for the EUTM-RCA training mission, said the same source. EUTM-RCA was launched in 2016 and its mandate was extended until 19 September 2022. The EU prepares sanctions against the Russian group Wagner the EU has two training missions, Mali and the Central African Republic, And they are threatened by the activities of the mercenaries of the Wagner Group in these two countries. The EU prepares sanctions against the Russian group Wagner. Political consensus was found at the last meeting of Foreign Ministers on November 15th. "Specific proposals for designating individuals and entities will be evaluated," said Josep Borrell at the end of the meeting. The adoption of its sanctions could be finalized for the next meeting of ministers scheduled for 13 December. "The sanctions would target the members of Wagner society and the companies who work directly with it," said French diplomacy Jean-Yves Le Drian.

The Russian group Wagner to the maneuver on social networks .
© FranceInfo A mercenary of the Wagner group photographed in the Central African Republic. According to a daily article Le Figaro, the paramilitary group of the Russian company called Wagner launches online campaigns on social networks, in order to carry out misinformation operations. The group consisting of mercenaries that denominates Wagner has no official existence in Russia. And for good reason, military private companies are prohibited, according to the country's legislation.

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