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Canada: Tel Aviv, the most expensive city in the world in front of Paris and Singapore

Champions League: Manchester City vs. PSG Champions League today in Liveticker

 Champions League: Manchester City vs. PSG Champions League today in Liveticker in the Champions League Manchester City receives today Paris Saint-Germain to the top game. Here you can the role of the fifth matchday of the group stage follow in the live ticker. © Contributed by SPOX Manchester City (white) and Paris Saint-Germain meet today in successive CL hit. You want Manchester City vs. PSG now live and follow the entire? Then you safe now a subscription to DAZN! CL-cracker in Manchester! Paris Saint-Germain has become the team of star coach Pep Guardiola guest.

Vue aérienne de Tel Aviv, le 18 mai 2021 (image d'illustration). © Gil Cohen-Magen / AFP aerial view of Tel Aviv, May 18, 2021 (image of illustration).

Tel Aviv has supplanted Paris and Singapore as the most expensive city in the world according to an annual study of "The Economist". The study of the British Economic Magazine stresses that supply chain issues have raised prices in many cities.

"In fifth position last year, Tel Aviv becomes the most expensive city in the world" for the first time, according to a statement accompanying the publication of the study on Wednesday. This position reflects the vigor of the Israeli currency, the Shekel, facing the dollar, because the index takes as a basis for comparison prices in New York, "says the study.

Union plan: Do not change anything

 Union plan: Do not change anything For Union Berlin, the journey continues in a double sense. In the European Cup, there is still the chance to hibernate - and in the Bundesliga is a away game in Frankfurt after the victory in Haifa. © Picture Alliance Victorious in Haifa, now required in Frankfurt: Coach Urs Fischer and Union Berlin. Despite replacement in Haifa, Ryerson could be part of the squad in Frankfurt in Frankfurt The matchday complex has not meant the first FC Union Berlin this season is not so good.

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"After sharing the first place with Zurich and Hong Kong in 2020, Paris recedes to the second position, which it occupies With Singapore in this new edition, "says. The study stresses that the increase in measured prices has been the fastest recorded for five years, at 3.5%. "Procurement chain issues have contributed to the rise of prices, COVID-19 and social restrictions still weighing on production and trade around the world," the Economist still reports.

Damascus, the cheapest city of the world

Damascus remains the cheapest city in the world because of a currency that collapses against the dollar and consequently prices in green tickets that plunge, the civil war continuing to decimate local economy. The Syrian capital suffered a very strong inflation as Caracas, Buenos Aires and Tehran, the latter having recorded the strongest advance in the rankings, from the 79th to 29th place, the American sanctions causing shortages and price increases.

"In general, the top of the ranking remains dominated by European cities and Asian cities developed while North American and Chinese cities keep relatively moderate prices," says the study. The cheapest dollar cities are mainly in the Middle East, Africa or the poorest parts of Asia.

Transportation costs flew in the wake of gasoline prices, notes the study, but tobacco or entertainment also recorded sharp price increases. The "Global Index" published by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Class 173 cities according to prices according to one basket of more than 200 products and services.

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The 9 possible opponents of the OM .
© provided by The OM ended with a victory against the Lokomotif to be donated into the Europa league conference. Eliminated EUROPA League Two weeks ago, in Galatasaray's boiling antme (4-2), OM assured the 3rd place of its group on Thursday evening by dominating the Lokomotiv Moscow (1- 0), in order to be paid back into the Europa league conference.

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