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Canada: Shipwreck in the Channel: The two survivors received a residence permit

27 Escaped drowned in the English Channel

 27 Escaped drowned in the English Channel Calais. While trying to cross the channel in the direction of the UK with a rubber boat, 27 people lost their lives. Boris Johnson convenes an emergency meeting. © Gareth Fuller French policemen patrol the beaches near Calais. A fisherman made the gruesome discovery in the afternoon: he discovered off the coast of the French port city of Calais more than a dozen corpses that floated in the water.

Le 24 novembre dernier, un navire de migrants a pris l’eau et coulé, faisant 27 morts, dans la Manche. © Ben Stansall / AFP on November 24, a migrant vessel took the water and casting, on the sleeve, in the Channel.

The shipwreck of a migrant vessel Wednesday, November 24, before 27 dead, leaving only two men survivored with the drama. They obtained a residence permit on Thursday, December 2nd.

The two survivors of the wrecking of a migrant boat in the Channel, Wednesday, November 24 , obtained a residence permit, indicated a source within the services of the State Thursday, December 2.

two men, Kurdish and Somali

an Iraqi Kurdish and a Somali, two exiles who survived the sinking that generated a European electroshock, were received by the authorities and

"a provisional six-month residence authorization was issued. , emphasized this source.

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These two people are also

"Hosted by the state in reception and situations centers" .

If the Somali

national "seems to have mourned England" , the Iraqi Kurdish "does not want to engage in an asylum application in France and its goal remains to go to Great Britain. , clarified state services in the North.

27 Dead late November

On November 24, 17 men, seven women, two teenagers and a child died in the sinking of their boat en route to the English coast, in still blurred circumstances.

In an interview with the Iraqi Kurvian rudaw chain, a few days after the tragedy, the Kurdish survivor asserted that their tire had begun to deflate during the crossing and that the people on board had repeatedly called the British and French authorities for try to get help.

Wrecking of migrants: the handle, new "open-air seascape"?

 Wrecking of migrants: the handle, new © FRANCOIS LO Presti / AFP members of assistance associations gathered next to a sign indicating the number of deaths and names of the missing of the Channel, Place Richelieu in Calais, this Thursday, November 25, 2021 . A drama at sea off Calais, in the north of France, with these 27 people who died in the sinking of their boat while attempting, with others, to cross the Channel.

"After a while, we called the French police using and we told him that the engine was broken" , "he said.

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The French police

"told us that we were in the British waters and we called the British police, who we said to call the French police. Two people called French and British side. The British police did not help us, while the French police said: You are in British waters, we can not intervene ".

The investigation, relocated to Paris, is still in progress to shed light on this sinking of an unprecedented magnitude in the Channel and to identify the victims.

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