Canada: Movents of fundamentalists in Nantes: a bad wind breath on the country of lights

Work: These cities that have remained dynamic despite the

 Work: These cities that have remained dynamic despite the pandemic employment resumed in the first half of 2021 in France, with 430,000 net creations. There was 328,000 destructions in 2020, so the hex has 102,000 jobs more than before the health crisis, at the end of 2019, reports the 2021 Barometer of Arthur Loyd on the Attractiveness of French metropolises and the resilience of the territories, published Monday, November 29.

A Nantes, le 7 décembre, devant l'église Notre-Dame de Bon-Port. © Yona Baron in Nantes, December 7, in front of the Church of Our Lady of Bon Port.

Of course, they were only a hundred to manifest their anger against the concert of the Swedish organist Anna von Hausswolff Tuesday in Nantes, of course it is not the first time that fundamentalist cathos ligked against a show. But the difference today is that the political context is highly flammable, likely to encourage this kind of delirium. We all remember the recent speeches of Eric Ciotti hearing "Enter the Judeo-Christian Racines of France in the Constitution". Six months ago, it would not have disturbed us, the man does not heighte in the political game. Today, at the end of the Congress of the Party the Republicans, he is the one with whom Valérie Pécresse will have to compose in his conquest of power. Same with Christine Boutin, that we saw the first rank of the fans of Eric Zemmour Sunday in Villepinte . Again, this picture, there was little, would have slipped on us like the rain on the roofs, the supporting manif for all not representing it anymore.

Glöckner: "We are better and compact"

 Glöckner: After the game against 1860 Munich, Waldhof Mannheim's coach Patrick Glöckner was satisfied and praised the constancy of his team. Lion coach Michael Köllner was disappointed and defended the wind conditions. © Imago Images / Eibner Patrick Glöckner (Re.) Creates the hits for 1: 0 against Munich. Waldhof after win at 1860 table second With the 3-1 success in Munich, Mannheim moved back to the second place in the table, four meters behind leader Magdeburg.

But Eric Zemmour, that she has rallied, keeps the crowds ceased by highlighting this war of civilizations that would be played in the country, conspuring Islam and exalming the Christian identity, privileging France to the Republic. And the drama is that he begins to weigh on the political scene, pulling towards the brown number of country speeches. In short, a bad wind breath on the land of lights and if Libé devotes its one, it is because, even more than usual, it will have to be vigilant. The coming months to the presidential elevation are high at high risk, a significant fringe of the right and the extreme right showing up receptive to the identity claims of traditionalist Christians. That a handful of fundamentalists can provoke the cancellation of two concerts in Nantes and Paris is a source of concern. And creates a dangerous precedent.

Union foams in anger: traffic light wants to change the seating in the Bundestag .
In the Bundestag is expected soon the next conversion to: the traffic lights SPD, Greens and FDP want to be tuned via a new seating system, so the FDP no longer next to the AFD Sitting. © dpa The German Bundestag has actually been a fixed seating system for 70 years. But it is changeable. The three coalition partners have submitted a corresponding application. Accordingly, from the Bureau from the far left of the left sitting, the SPD, then the Green, FDP, Union and AfD would come next to it.

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