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Canada: "If you vote Zemmour, you will have Macron again": the CIOTTI call to vote Pécresse

LR: Deleted, Barnier, Bertrand and Juvin call to vote Pécresse

 LR: Deleted, Barnier, Bertrand and Juvin call to vote Pécresse as soon as the results of the first round of the known LR primer, Michel Barnier, Xavier Bertrand and Philippe Juvin called to vote for Valérie Pécresse. © Julien de Rosa / AFP in the LR inauguration race for the presidential election of 2022, Valérie Pécresse will be able to count on three weight supports for the second round of the "primary" which will oppose it to Eric Ciotti.

Invité du Grand Rendez-vous Europe1/Cnews/Les Echos, le député Eric Ciotti, a invité les Français qui hésitent à glisser un bulletin dans l'urne au nom d'Eric Zemmour à ne pas le faire, et à préférer celui de Valérie Pécresse. © provided by Europe 1 Guest of the great appointment Europe1 / CNEWS / Les Echos, the deputy Eric Ciotti, invited The French who hesitate to slip a newsletter into the ballot box in the name of Eric Zemmour not to do it, and to prefer that of Valérie Pécresse.

"Eric Zemmour can not win, it can not be at the heart of a gathering of all those who do not want more Emmanuel Macron." No concession, the deputy and finalist of the Congress LR , Eric Ciotti, estimated at the microphone of the great appointment Europe 1 / CNEWS / Les Echos that only Valérie Pécresse can be the "pivot of a rally in the second round" . Voting for Eric Zemmour to the presidential election would, according to Eric Ciotti, lose the election, but not only. "I say it to Eric Zemmour's voters in Nice, [...] if you vote for him, you'll have Macron again!"

Congress LR: Why the first round closes in the uncertainty

 Congress LR: Why the first round closes in the uncertainty © Bertrand Guay / AFP The members of Republicans have up to 14 hours to vote as part of the first round of the congress that will designate their candidate for the election presidential. The results will be known at 2.30 pm. Unable to determine who will come out winner of the first round. It is at the beginning of the afternoon that we will know the results of the first round of the primary LR which will designate the party candidate at the election .

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Pécresse, the only one able to beat Macron, according to CIOTTI

a call barely veiled to vote for Valérie Pécresse, Champion LR to whom Eric Ciotti renewed his support on Europe 1, the only one capable of beating the current president, operating the "gathering of all right voters" he supports. Despite important differences between the programs of the two candidates, Eric Zemmour to Valérie Pécresse would be a relatively easy thing, according to Eric Ciotti, but especially necessary.

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"All other solutions will renew the mandate Macron"

"if you want to save the country, you have to stop the decline French who associates with Macron-Holland management. It's been 10 years old, it's the same, it's the same policy. The French must open your eyes. If we want to stop that there is only a candidate who can do it. " And Eric Ciotti to push the nail: "All other solutions will renew Macron's mandate."

Violence at the Meeting of Éric Zemmour. A second member of Zouaves arrested .
© Laura Diab / AFP of the violence enamelled the Meeting of Éric Zemmour in Villepinte, on December 5th. A second member of the Zouaves Paris was arrested on Wednesday, December 15, learned France Inter from a source close to the investigation. This far-right group is suspected of being involved in the violence during the meeting of the presidential candidate Éric Zemmour in Villepinte.

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