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Canada: "metropolitan area" focuses on racism in the police

Decision not to charge Winnipeg officer who shot First Nations man shows need for change: grand chief

  Decision not to charge Winnipeg officer who shot First Nations man shows need for change: grand chief A Winnipeg officer who fatally shot a 22-year-old man while responding to an alleged assault last year won't face charges, Manitoba's police watchdog says.It's another example of why changes are needed in police oversight in the province, particularly where Indigenous people are involved, says the grand chief of an advocacy organization.

Hamburg. In a few days the "metropolitan area" celebrates anniversary: ​​The ARD evening series from Hamburg has been running for 35 years on German television. For the anniversary season, the team has touched a hot topic as an episode - that was long overdue.

 Kurt Rottecks (Tim Porath, l) provozierende Art macht Lukas Petersen (Patrick Abozen, r) wütend. Die Jubiläumsfolge wird am 13. Dezember, um 18.50 Uhr, im Ersten ausgestrahlt. © Cornelia Klein Kurt Rotteck (Tim Porath, l) provocative nature makes Lukas Petersen (Patrick Abozen, r) angry. The anniversary episode airs on December 13, at 18.50, in the First.

ARD evening series "metropolitan area" from Hamburg celebrates an anniversary in this days: For 35 years, the long-running already aired. Currently, the 34th season flickers across the screens. So that it applies According ARD as the longest, more active evening series in the First German Television. The upcoming 467th episode, which is on 13 December, 18:50, broadcast has now made a quite sensitive issue: the result Birthday (16.12.) Revolves around racism in the police force.

Marseille: The reform of the metropolis, wanted by Macron, before the assembly

 Marseille: The reform of the metropolis, wanted by Macron, before the assembly The National Assembly must validate the Macron Plan and redefine the contours of the metropolis © Philippe Magoni / SIPA among the skills subject to debate , roads and waste management.

Lukas Petersen (Patrick Abozen) is here victims of police colleagues who stop him with obvious racist motivation, hold and treat not good. Although he could thus endanger the reputation of the police and his promotion, he makes a complaint against the two officials. Order Now

actor Patrick Abozen is pleased that the evening series this issue has taken. It was indeed a hot potato, but certainly also time for the 36 year old told the German Press Agency in Hamburg. "My first thought was," Oh, we can as a serious issue and so difficult, complicated topic really tell in 45 minutes, "I am grateful that there is on the subject because it is so necessary." He hoped that so? also increase awareness of the it. "The fact that people realize at the end that it really does not matter where someone comes from and that it considers the human being."

African community group says Canada's new COVID-19 travel rules an example of racism

  African community group says Canada's new COVID-19 travel rules an example of racism Ottawa initially announced a ban preventing foreign nationals in the region from travelling to Canada, but it quickly amended those rules so stranded Canadians could return home. At the time, the World Health Organization warned against overreaction before more was known about the variant.Dr. Zain Chagla, an associate professor of medicine at McMaster University in Hamilton, told The Canadian Press that "blind closures'' don't make scientific sense. The variant may have been detected in South Africa because the country has good genomic surveillance, he said.

in the implementation of the script of Hamburg has been involved with Ethiopian roots closely with and has thereby "some very, very meticulously "it looked and changed also dialogues or scenes. "Because I just also felt a responsibility. It affects me totally personal. But also many others. "

He himself experience everyday racism always the hard way. Just days ago, he had gone by train to Switzerland. "And then the Federal Police came in and also has ignored until any on me. They are fed controls right at me. This was another one of those moments where I thought that all this is absurd. Since I have also noticed again what it means to be different, "Abozen grew up in Hamburg's Bramfeld.. "I felt as always in good hands. Since it was not an outsider. This was more so in everyday life. "Abozen still lives in Hamburg and has two children.

The 34th season of the evening series that was once influenced also by the now deceased Hamburger Jan Fedder as Dirk Matthies, runs until 3 January. The "metropolitan area" runs every Monday at 18.50 in the First.

France lost 100,000 farms in ten years

 France lost 100,000 farms in ten years © West France The number of specialized farms in cattle farming (meat) decreased by 31% between 2010 and 2020 (37% in cattle milk). According to the agricultural census, the number of farms has passed, in France, from 490,000 to 389,000 (-21%), between 2010 and 2020. The agricultural area is 26.7 million hectares.

are currently the Commissariat leader Mrs. Küppers (Saskia Fischer), Harry Möller (Maria Ketikidou), Nina Sieveking (Wanda Perdelwitz), Lukas Petersen (Patrick Abozen), Daniel Schirmer (Sven Fricke), Nils Sanchez (Enrique Fiß) and Helmut Husmann (Torsten Münchow) team of the Hamburg police Commissioner 14. Since the end of 1986 is the "urban area" on the air and since then 470 episodes have been filmed.

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