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Canada: Amazon renounces his mega-warehouse project in the Gard

Amazon Web Services says it has resolved issues linked to widespread outage

  Amazon Web Services says it has resolved issues linked to widespread outage Amazon Web Services provides servers, storage, email, and a number of other services to these platforms -- effectively keeping large parts of the internet running. The outage is impacting user access to a wide variety of platforms. Amazon’s web services are among the most widely used, including by the Canadian federal government. Some of the major websites that users reported as experiencing outages Tuesday include the popular streaming service Disney+, the messaging platform Slack, the digital wallet service Venmo, the language app Duolingo, and the stock trading service Robinhood.

Lors d’une manifestation d’opposants au projet de Founès, dans le Gard. © West-France archive during a demonstration of opponents of the Founes project, in the Gard.

The mayor of the municipality of Fourès, in the Gard, where a mega warehouse of the e-commerce giant, announced the abandonment of the project. The promoter confirms.

"We are more than happy. It is a relief. Patrick Fertil Jubile. With other inhabitants of the small rural commune of Fourès, 1,000 inhabitants, in the Gard , between Nîmes and Avignon, he managed to fold the e-commerce giant Amazon . The mayor of the municipality, Thierry Boudinaud, he gives gray mine. Yesterday, at a press conference, with the mayors of neighboring municipalities, the elected official announced, the dark air, the abandonment "definitive" of the project to establish a sorting center of the parcels of 38,000 m2, with an average height of 14 m, on a plot of 14 ha in the immediate vicinity of the A9 motorway.

Nîmes. A student from the police school dies after collapsed at a Footing

 Nîmes. A student from the police school dies after collapsed at a Footing © West-France The 21-year-old man was part of the 263rd promotion of the ENP. Photo Stock Illustration. A student of the Nîmes National Police School (Gard) died after collapsed at a jogging at the establishment, Tuesday, December 7, 2021. The 21-year-old man would have done a cardiac malaise . Resuscitation attempts were vain. A student of the National Police School (ENP) of Nîmes (Gard) died Tuesday, December 7, 2021, reports France 3 Occitanie .

and less than 5 km from the famous Gard Bridge. Contacted by West-France, the Argan Real Estate promoter confirms the abandonment of the project by Amazon. As for the American firm, it will not make "no comment" on a project on which it had "not made of ad". "This project represented 80 million euros of investment and job creation. But we are in a basin of life that had greatly need it, " sighs the mayor.

No appeal from the court decision

The proponent decided not to make a court decision falling on November 9, . The Administrative Court of Nîmes, seized by opponents of the project, had canceled the environmental authorization issued in November 2019 by the prefect of the department in Argan. In the eyes of the representative of the state, the project presented "compelling reasons of major public interest" with the creation of 600 full-time jobs. But the administrative judges felt that the creation of these jobs was not demonstrated. And that even if it were the case, nor these jobs, nor "the economic benefits are not enough to characterize a mandatory reason of major interest." The project threatened "about fifteen protected species", and especially the marriage. No question of endangering them in the name of economic development, felt the magistrates.

Wisconsin overcomes 22-point deficit to defeat Indiana in Big Ten men's basketball game

  Wisconsin overcomes 22-point deficit to defeat Indiana in Big Ten men's basketball game The 17th-ranked Wisconsin Badgers extended their winning streak to six games and beat Indiana for the 19th time in 20 games at the Kohl Center. Indiana’s lone victory at the Kohl Center came on Jan. 25, 1998, the debut season for the facility. The Badgers were without three players because of non-COVID illness, guards Lorne Bowman (4.3 ppg, 53.3% three-point shooting), Jahcobi Neath (2.3 ppg) and forward Markus Ilver (1.3 ppg, 1.8 rpg).

A "Beautiful Victory" for Corinne Lepage


"Beautiful Victory" for the former Minister of the Environment Corinne Lepage, whose law firm represented opponents of the project. For his collaborator Roxane Sageloli, a decision that will make jurisprudence, because she "favors the protection of species and natural habitats to job creation, including in a tense area." Jean-Loup Pizon, Vice President of the France Nature Environment Association for Languedoc-Roussillon, rejoices, after the announcement of this abandonment, "that we are a little more than future generations rather than Immediate interest ". The project federated against it a broad opposition, ranging from the advocates of the environment to those of the small business, which was threatened by the Mastodon of e-commerce. Last January, a demonstration brought together 1,000 opponents on the spot, including another former Minister of the Environment, the President of Generation Ecology Delphine Batho. "Amazon will elsewhere"

Helene Fischer: As on these photos, you have never seen you have never seen

 Helene Fischer: As on these photos, you have never seen you have never seen " The Expanse " fans have experienced pretty much every release model in recent years, which there is a streaming area: the seasons 1-3 appeared According to the license title at Netflix, after the deduction and rescue by Amazon all episodes of Season 4 were then at a stroke. released. At Season 5, there were three episodes to the start and the remaining in the week clock. And at Season 6, the episodes appear in weekly rhythm.

The Mayor of Fournès is sorry:

"Compensatory measures were planned, with 13 hectares that would have been preserved for grass pies. But the judge did not take it into account. The legislator must seize this debate, and that we can reconcile economic development with the protection of the environment.

A few years ago, the municipality had sought to implant, in the same place, a village of brands, already provoking, at the time, a lifting of shields.

"This project went to Miramas (Bouches-du-Rhône)",

regrets the mayor. "Amazon will elsewhere, to Orange or Nîmes. His opponents, they intend to push their advantage. "We must now turn the page and work with the prefiguration association of the Regional Natural Park," pleads Patrick Fertil. "With a Charter of Environmental Excellence, to put safeguards and prevent such projects. The Argan promoter indicates that it "will file a new folder" for another sign on the site "for a lower project". But Amazon to Fourès, it's over and finished.

Flames say there is 'no viable path' with Calgary to complete Event Centre project .
CALGARY — The company that owns the NHL's Calgary Flames says it is backing out of the multimillion-dollar Event Centre arena complex project, citing unforeseen costs. Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation says in a statement that "significant infrastructure costs" inflated the overall cost of the project. "At this point, it is clear that the city and CSEC have been unable to resolve a number of issues relating to the escalating costs of the project," the organization said in a release.

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