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Canada: "Demon Slayer: Mugen Train": The most successful anime of history is finally available for the home theater

picture book Announce new single "between yours and my world" at

 picture book Announce new single , there is not the new song yet - but his text for reading. © Provided by The Vienna Band Picture book returns with two new singles. Listening to the new song does not yet exist - but his text for reading. Picture Book have announced the publication of a new song. "Between yours and my world", so the title, should appear on Friday (09.12.2021) as a single. The song is also part of her upcoming album, it says in a message.

The full movie title has admittedly a slightly deterrent effect: " Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba - The Movie: Mugen Train " is not Just a short film title, the uninitiated promptly understand. However, the figures of this FSK-16 anime suggest that the title so is not deterrent. In the US and Canada alone, the film took $ 47.7 million - and thus became a second more frequent anime of the cinema history there. Only the first "Pokémon" film was in demand with 85.7 million.

© Wakanim "Demon Slayer: Mugen Train": The most successful anime of history is now for the home theater

in his home country attracted "Demon Slayer" over 28.7 million people in the cinemas Who he became the biggest hit of Japanese film history - at least since reliable recording of the visitor numbers.

Conversion therapy ban receives royal assent, now law in Canada

  Conversion therapy ban receives royal assent, now law in Canada Bill C-4 makes providing, promoting or advertising conversion therapy a criminal offence in Canada. It was fast-tracked through the House of Commons and Senate. The bill banning conversion therapy in Canada received royal assent on Wednesday, making it into law.

worldwide, the gloomy FantasyActioner has so far taken more than $ 503 million, making it the most successful film 2020, and the most successful anime of all time. Who wants to experience the record film again (or for the first time), thanks to the DVD and Blu-ray start now has the opportunity.

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This is "Demon Slayer"

The story seamlessly relies on the debuts scale of the series " Demon Slayer " However, it is raised so that it also opens up new things: Tanjiro and his troupe have recently completed rehabilitation training and now make a shared train journey. But this turns out as a journey into ruin, because a demon makes the train unsure, which is why the battle-proven crew around Tanjiro adjoins a mighty sword fighter and hunting for the misprint ...

Why TF1 does not broadcast District Z Reloaded this Saturday

 Why TF1 does not broadcast District Z Reloaded this Saturday © A.ISOCK Why TF1 does not broadcast District Z Reloaded this Saturday No District Z Reloaded this Saturday 11 December from 21h05 on TF1. We explain why! a little week and then goes away! Launched Saturday, December 4, 2021 on TF1, the second season of district Z will be absent from screens this weekend.

itself if the action of the "Demon Slayer" film without Series knowledge makes sense, be unsuspecting predetermined: that on its surface so simple adventure has a core that is "deeply spiritual" and "rousing from the bitter struggle for its own soul", as it is already in the film start criticism. There, the impressive aesthetics of the film is also celebrated as "brightbunt, rapid, breathless" - and reference to the horror cult " Nightmare on Elm Street " is made, but in both films, among other things, we are about deadly nightmares ...

our four- Star criticism of the "Demon Slayer" film so much more "Demon Slayer"

By the way: "Demon Slayer" is a billionless franchise, which in addition to the popular anime and the Manga template started in 2016, including spin-off mangas, so-called "Light Novels" (so youth-oriented novels with many illustrations), video games and plays covered.

Not all of them did it to Germany. But anyone who has dipped into this world for the first time with the "Demon Slayer" kino film and has blood, can continue with the anime series - and thus make up the basis for the film:

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But back to the movie, which eventually got a handsome fan edition donated: the Limited Edition in Hardcover Schuber, in addition to the regular Blu-ray as a bonus, includes the soundtrack, an accompanying book, two art cards and a chic replica of the train tickets from the movie. This edition is limited to 5,000 copies.

Despite dissent, O'Toole poised to end 2021 where he started it — as Tory leader .
OTTAWA — If the Conservative Party of Canada were a person, it would have reached the age where it could vote and legally drink in half the provinces. Like many 18-year-olds, the party is deciding its future, searching for an identity and rebelling against authority. Three months after losing to the Liberals in a general election — and amid calls from members of caucus and the broader party to trigger an early review of his leadership — Erin O'Toole remains at the helm of the party.

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