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Canada: Bulgaria: stronger demographic decline since the fall of Communism

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La Bulgarie a connu, comme sur cette photographie en 2020, de nombreuses manifestations dénonçant la corruption dans le pays. © EPA / MAXPPP Bulgaria has known, as on this photograph in 2020, many demonstrations denouncing corruption in the country.

in ten years, the number of Bulgarians fell by 11.5%, according to an announcement of a Government Agency of Bulgaria Thursday, January 6, 2022. The country also knows a strong demographic aging due to the departure of many young people from the country .

The population of Bulgaria decreased by 11.5% over the last decade, the largest decline observed since the Communist period, the Institute of Statistics announced on Thursday.

The poorest country of the European Union now has 6.52 million inhabitants, according to the first estimates of the census conducted in September and October 2021, against 7.35 million in 2011.

The exasperation of Emmanuel Macron to the non-vaccinated, a double-edged line

 The exasperation of Emmanuel Macron to the non-vaccinated, a double-edged line by stating the non-vaccinated "emmerder", the head of the state installments with the figure of President gathering that he intends to incarnate for months. And marks the willingness of the almost-candidate to fight with his opponents, to the point of adopting the disrupted tone. Editorial of the "World".

This strong decline is Due to the highest mortality rate of the EU on the background of net population aging, but also to the many departures abroad, including young assets, explained before the press the director of the Serguei Tsvetarski Institute. The over 65 years are nearly a quarter of the population, compared with 18.5% ten years ago.

The number of inhabitants equivalent to that of 1934

like other ex-communist countries, the Bulgarians have massively emigrated as a result of the 1989 democratic transition, a movement still amplified by EU membership In 2007.

While the country was fruiting the 9 million inhabitants at the exit of Communism, there was no more than 8.5 million in 1992 and then 7.9 million in 2001 and less than 7 million at the end of the Years 2010, which ranks it among the fields of depopulation in the world. The population is currently comparable to that of the year 1934, according to Sergei Tsvetarski, cited by the Dnevnik information site.

The census, whose final data will be published by MI-2022, also shows a continuation of the depopulation of the campaigns, particularly in the Northwest Démunie region. The capital Sofia, which has 1.5 million inhabitants, is the only big city to have won inhabitants (+ 14.7% over the period).

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