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Canada: Mali: Assimi Goïta pleads for a return to dialogue with the Cédaeo

The United States excludes Ethiopia, Mali and Guinea of ​​Agoa

 The United States excludes Ethiopia, Mali and Guinea of ​​Agoa © Karen Bleier / AFP L E Cleaver fell on Saturday, January 1, 2022. The Ethiopian, Malian and Guinean governments, due to Actions taken by each of their governments, violated the principles of African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), "said US Trade Representative's office (USTR).

Le colonel malien Assimi Goïta donne une conférence de presse à Bamako, le 22 septembre 2020. © AFP / Michele Cattani The Malian Colonel Assimi Goïta gives a press conference in Bamako, September 22, 2020.

after breaching retaliation measures to sanctions From the West African community, the Chief of the Malian Juntus, Colonel Assimi Goïta, played the appeasement, Monday, inviting the regional organization to dialogue and calling his compatriots in peace and "resilience".

After the Riposte, the call for dialogue. The Chief of the Malian Juntus, Colonel Assimi Goïta , decided, on Monday, January 10, to reach a hand towards the Community of West African States (Cédéao), after the Regional Organization inflicted sanctions in his country. .

Mali: The PSDA and Ismaël Sack Standing against the Junta's proposals for the transition

 Mali: The PSDA and Ismaël Sack Standing against the Junta's proposals for the transition © AFP - Annie Risemberg Assimi Goita, President of the Transition to Mali (June 2021). after the announcement by the Malian junta of an extension of the transition of an additional five years, it is the "stupor" within the framework of political parties for a successful transition, coalition of 100 parties and 60 associations of the civil society.

"Even if we regret the illegitimate, illegal and inhumanity of certain decisions, the Mali remains open to the dialogue with Cédéao to find a consensus between the higher interests of the Malian people and the respect of the fundamental principles of the organization". He said in a speech broadcast on public television.

He did not announce a new response measure, but also did not make a new proposal to get out of the political crisis.

"I ask you to stay calm and serene because we made the choice to be sincere in order to take our destiny by forging our own path. The Cédao and the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA) were Assumed, we will do the same, "he added.

Guinea distanced from Cédéao

The Economic Community of West African States (Cédéao) has imposed on Sunday a battery of retaliation measures, including the embargoing of Mali. It hardly sanctioned the project of the Junta to continue to lead the country for several years and the breach of its promise to hold on 27 February, bringing together civilians in power.

Mali: Nine months of captivity for Journalist Olivier Dubois Removed to Gao

 Mali: Nine months of captivity for Journalist Olivier Dubois Removed to Gao © - Social Media / AFP A Screen Grab from The Video Shows French Journalist Olivier Dubois Saying He Was Kidnappped In Mali Last Month Nine Months of Captivity for Olivier Dubois. This French journalist was kidnapped in Gao, in northern Mali, on April 8 when he was in reporting. A month later, he appeared in a video in which he explained to be in the hands of the Support Group for Islam and Muslims of Iyad AG Ghaly.

The measurements began to be felt. The Ministry of Transport ensured that "the flights of non-Cédéao" companies will continue to serve the airports of Mali ". But Air France has announced not to be able to serve Bamako "due to regional geopolitical tensions".

The sanctions of Cédéao, however, do not unanimity. The junta in power in Guinea, a border country with Mali, announced that "the aerial, terrestrial and maritime borders of Guinea remain open to all brothers countries in accordance with its Pan-Africanist will".

In a statement read Monday night on public television, the National Development Gathering Committee (CNRD, composed of military) declares that Guinea, "in no way, has been associated with the decision of the fourth extraordinary summit of Heads of State of Cédéao relating to sanctions taken against Mali ".

The international community worries

the junta had already expressed his anger in a statement read to national television in the middle of the night by the spokesman of the Government in Uniform, promising to recall his ambassadors in the Member States of Cédéao and Close boundaries with these countries, widely symbolic reciprocity measures.

France and the EU support the West African penalties against the junta in Mali

 France and the EU support the West African penalties against the junta in Mali © Francis Kokoroko, Reuters Colonel Assimi Goita, Head of the Military Military Juntus, attends the Consultative Meeting of the Economic Community of the States. West Africa (ECOWAS) in Accra The French President Emmanuel Macron says Tuesday the support of France and the EU to the sanctions taken by the West African leaders two days earlier against the junta in power in Mali .

The junta then accused the Cedao to be "instrumentalized by extra-regional powers", an obvious reference to certain partners at the forefront of which France, committed militarily to the Sahel but with which relations have been seriously degraded since 2020.

At a meeting of the UN Security Council, France brought its "full support for the Efforts of Cédéao", the Malian authorities, "once again", having "not respected the requirements of the Cédao and their own commitments ".

The United States expressed "deeply concerned by the lack of progress in Mali" and urged the Malian authorities "to return to democracy in a timely manner".

A CONTRATIO, Russia has called upon to support the "understandable efforts" of the junta "to restore order" and says understand "the difficulties faced by the Malian authorities for the preparation of elections.

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Mali denied Bundeswehr Airbus the overflight .
For the first time, the Junta government of Mali has denied a plane of the Bundeswehr the overflight rights. The incident is representative of the extremely tense situation in the country. © Henning Kaiser / DPA / Picture Alliance Airbus A400M The Bundeswehr (Archive) The machine of the Type Airbus A400M was according to the Ministry of Defense with around 80 soldiers on board on the way from the Lower Saxony Wunstorf to the base of Namey in Niger.

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