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Canada: Ukraine: After Geneva and Brussels, the dialogue continues at the OSCE in Vienna

Ukraine: Moscow doubts the usefulness of new talks with the West

 Ukraine: Moscow doubts the usefulness of new talks with the West © Valery Hache OSCE Secretary General, Helga Maria Schmid wants to believe in the diplomatic channel. AFP / Alex Halada. Diplomacy is close to Moscow. While Russian troops are massaged at the Ukrainian border, the Kremlin Ministry of Foreign Affairs sees immediately utility to a new round of discussions with the West. Deep discrepancies on Russian safety requirements . "Without clarifying if there is (...) flexibility reserves on the other side on important topics, there is no reason to start t

  Ukraine: après Genève et Bruxelles, le dialogue se poursuit à l'OSCE à Vienne © AFP

P Lace at the third and final sequence of an intense diplomatic ballet to defuse the risk of a conflict in Ukraine : The Permanent Council of the OSCE meets Thursday in Vienna to continue the dialogue between the Russia , the United States and their European allies.

After stretched discussions in Geneva between the American and Russian vice-ministers of Foreign Affairs, Wendy Sherman and Sergei Riabkov, NATO and Moscow did Wednesday in Brussels the finding of their deep "divergences" on security in Europe .

In the same way, no breakthrough is expected in Austria.

"I do not think there will be concrete results this week. Our main objective is to establish a dialogue," summarizes the American ambassador with the OSCE, Michael Carpenter.

In photos: Russian military buildup near Ukraine’s borders

  In photos: Russian military buildup near Ukraine’s borders The photos show Russian military equipment, like tanks and artillery, stationed throughout western portions of the country near Ukraine’s borders this week. Tension has been building between Ukraine and Russia in recent weeks, stoking fears of an armed conflict between the two countries. Russia has positioned about 100,000 troops across Ukraine’s borders, along with tanks and other heavy artillery. Russia has denied it intends to launch an invasion, but western nations are unconvinced. On Wednesday, U.S.

rare East-West Forum

"Yes, our positions are antipodes (with Moscow) but that does not mean that we can not find land of understanding," he said on the television channel Independent Russian Dozhd. The challenge is to "determine in what forms can be deepened the discussion in the coming months".

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Multilateral Platform for East-West Discussions from the Cold War, is particularly suitable for this exercise.

This instance is a rare place of exchange including the United States and Russia are both members.

This is Thursday of the first session of the year, in the presence of ambassadors of the 57 Countries of the OSCE.

After the morning presentation by the new Polish Presidency of its priorities, Secretary General Helga Schmid will hold a press conference at 12:30 (11:30 GMT).

Ukrainian crisis: new diplomatic sequence in Brest

 Ukrainian crisis: new diplomatic sequence in Brest after Geneva and Brussels, the Ministers of the Defense of the European Union are gathered in Brest in France this Thursday and for two days. The objective of this meeting is to discuss the security of the continent and in particular the crisis in Ukraine. View on Euronews © Olivier Hoslet / Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved After Geneva and Brussels, the Ministers of the Defense of the European Union are gathered in Brest in France this Thursday and for two days.

No new Yalta

Westerners accuse Moscow of massaged in recent weeks some 100,000 soldiers, tanks and artillery at the border with Ukraine to prepare an attack against this country, an intention denied by the Russian authorities .

In the field, the conditions deteriorated for OSCE observers in areas controlled by Prorussian separatists, lamented the American ambassador, saying "extremely worried".

Since 2014, the organization is responsible for monitoring the respect of Minsk's peace agreements in the rebellious east of Ukraine.

"The surveillance missions have not yet detected abnormal on the territory" but at the border, "it is impossible for us to know what happens", warned Mr. Carpenter.

The head of NATO Jens Stoltenberg also had shown alarmist on Wednesday.

"The risk of a new armed conflict is real. The exit of crisis is the responsibility of Russia. It must engage in de-escalation," he argues.

Ukraine's alliances are not a 'bargaining chip' in talks with Russia, country's deputy PM says

  Ukraine's alliances are not a 'bargaining chip' in talks with Russia, country's deputy PM says Ukraine’s proposed membership in NATO should not be used as a “bargaining chip” in this week's talks between Russia and the United States over the eastern European nation's plight, says Ukraine’s deputy prime minister for European affairs.Olga Stefanishyna met the Western military alliance's secretary general on Monday ahead of a full meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission, which helps direct the relationship between NATO allies and the beleaguered nation.

For its part, Moscow claims that this military deployment is a reaction to the presence considered growing and threatening NATO in what it considers as its area of ​​influence.

Russia also refuses any expansion of the Atlantic Alliance to countries located in its sphere of influence, such as Ukraine.

"Russia has proposed fundamentals that are very similar to a return to the status quo of before 1975, that is to say a Yalta II format, which actually results in the resurgence of blocks, areas of influence", s The French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian is worried in an interview with AFP.

"For us, it was unacceptable," he hammered, echoed by the head of the European diplomacy Josep Borrell who accused Moscow to want to "reconstitute the Soviet geopolitics glacis in Europe and attempting a decoupling between The United States and Europe ".

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Conflict in Ukraine: Joe Biden assures Kiev that the United States "will respond energetically" to a Russian invasion .
Joe Biden assured to have warned the Russian President against an attempt to invade Ukraine. 'A Telephone Interview Thursday Last © China New / Sipa Joe Biden at the White House, November 19, 2021.

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