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Canada: Top / Flops France-Ukraine: the brilliant blue youth Descat only downside

Conflict in Ukraine: the United States warns Russia of a risk of "confrontation" before the start of the

 Conflict in Ukraine: the United States warns Russia of a risk of talks continually mounted in Ukraine © Sergei Supinsky / AFP the crisis in Ukraine continues and the United States. United close up close to crisis - tensions constantly mounted in Ukraine American Secretary Antony Blinken warned this Sunday Russia of a risk of "confrontation" before the beginning of under high talks Voltage in Geneva on the situation in Ukraine .

Briet au top, Descat en flop © Panoramic Briet at the top, in Descat flop

TOPS Thibaud Briet, the audacity of the (large) first

At 22, for only his second career selection, left behind a little over two meters did not tremble. And he seized his chance, who took the place of a certain Nikola Karabatic, spared on the scoresheet. Came quickly back into play after ten minutes because of a blow to the head of Romain Lagarde, the Nantes player scored with his first ball hit attack. Before two goals in the first act he finished with a perfect 3 of 3 shooting, accompanied by an assist. The beautiful book, which demonstrates that it is not by chance that in case of sudden hard, Guillaume Gille can count on him.

As talks with Russia stall, NATO chief warns of a new war in Europe

  As talks with Russia stall, NATO chief warns of a new war in Europe The threat of a new war in Europe is very real, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Wednesday following talks with Russia at the military alliance’s headquarters in Brussels.Stoltenberg's warning was delivered as the Trudeau government faces rising political pressure from the vocal Ukrainian diaspora community in Canada to do more to help deter an invasion by Russia troops.

Guillaume Gille, the turnover welcome

face Croatia, hex coach was well aware that I had to pull a little more than usual - for a first game - the rope of some executives. He hoped, so, enjoy the match against Ukraine to rebalance the counters. Mission perfectly filled with Nikola Karabatic spared in the stands, a Dika Mem who played only the first quarter of an hour, as Kentin Mahé. A faux RTT necessarily welcome in a competition that will be long and arduous, especially with the health context. Above all, the good news came particularly from Romain Lagarde Melvyn Richardson had appeared inside face the Croats who were able to resume the confidence on Saturday. A youth

so talented Video: 19th j. - Pelissier: "We lost two points" (Dailymotion)

Ukrainian crisis: Moscow wants Western responses, Blinken expected at Kiev

 Ukrainian crisis: Moscow wants Western responses, Blinken expected at Kiev © Ministry of Defense Republic of Belarus / AFP M Oscou claimed Western responses to its demands before new talks on the Ukrainian crisis, on the day before A visit to the Head of American Diplomacy in Ukraine , in the fear of a Russian invasion. The Russia has deployed tens of thousands of troops on the Ukrainian borders, and says a de-escalation goes through guarantees for its security, especially the commitment to never expand NATO.

If Thibaud Briet was put forward, it was not the only young person to highlight face the Ukrainians. At 24, the center-half Aymeric Minne signed by far his best performance in the jersey of selection A with 4 goals and 4 assists. In the wings, the duo Dylan Nahi (5 of 5 shooting) -Benoit Kounkoud (3 of 4) - 45 years between them (21 for first, 24 for second) - has not missed much face purpose and confirmed that the retirement of Experts Michael Guigou-Luc Abalo would prevent France to continue to fly. Obviously, the weakness of adversity Saturday requires nuanced analysis, and the Euro should offer them more difficult tests in the coming days. But in terms of confidence, which is taken is not to take.

FLOPS Ukraine not in

In Euro dense qualitatively, Ukraine, alas for her and luckily for al France, part of the teams clearly below. It had demonstrated its pale delivering it two days ago against Serbia (23-31), and which was confirmed on Saturday. Especially in defense where, apart from the goalkeeper Gennadiy Komok, who did what he could even being a little forsaken by friends, Ukrainians leave boulevards necessarily punished at this level of competition. So it's no surprise that for the sixth time in six meetings with France, Ukraine is distributed head down, even conceding its heaviest defeat against the Blues (-13). The

Trudeau promises to support Ukraine as Canadian warship departs for Black Sea

  Trudeau promises to support Ukraine as Canadian warship departs for Black Sea HALIFAX — A Canadian warship departed for Europe and the Black Sea near Russia on Wednesday, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau admitted to fears of a Russian invasion in Ukraine. Trudeau went on to accuse Russia of trying to start a fight with Ukraine and promised Canada’s support to the Ukrainian people, who are on edge as 100,000 Russian troops sit on their country’s eastern border. Yet the prime minister stopped short when asked for details, including whether the government will extend a 200-soldier Canadian training mission in Ukraine whose mandate is set to expire at the end of March.

confusing referees If Ukraine was not in, she was not helped by a duet of Slovak referees that nobody understood the decision to expel Dmytro Horiha after five minutes of game second period, for after all anecdotal fouled Briet. Lately, the best Ukrainian player (7 of 8 shooting) deserved a penalty for two minutes, but not a red card. Especially since the pair of whistles took the time to consider the action to the video to come out with the conviction, that belongs to them only, that would end Horiha sitting in the stands. Evidence that the video does not solve everything, since it is subject to the (re) reading of men.

Hugo Descat, unusual mess

As there can never be completely perfect, a French ruminera a little Saturday night's performance. Impeccable with his 7 of 7 shooting against Croatia, Hugo Descat followed with two more successes on Saturday before experiencing a long black hole. Twice Montpellier winger stumbled on amounts alone against attack. Before knowing a third consecutive failure to fire on an attempt to wing facing Komok. In the end, the old Créteil player ends his performance with a 4 of 8 below his usual standards. Now, it was better that he misses at the lack of Ukrainians and this poor performance might have stung his pride that result also proves that in the last clanking Tokyo Olympics.

Ukraine: Macron will ask for "clarifications" to Putin .
Ukraine-crisis-Macron: Ukraine: Macron will ask for "clarifications" to Putin © Reuters / Pool Ukraine: Macron will ask for "clarifications" in Putin Paris (Reuters) - The French President Emmanuel Macron said Tuesday that he was going to ask his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin of "clarifications" on the intentions of Moscow with regard to Ukraine, preventing Russia pays a cost " Very high "in case of attack against his neighbor.

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