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Canada: "of the devil long breath": is the new crime scene worthwhile?

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The girlfriend cultural editor has looked at the new Münster's crime scene "of the devil long breath" - and has the following opinion

Tatort WDR/MOLINA FILM/THOMAS KOST © WDR / Molina Film / Thomas Cost Tatort WDR / Molina Film / Thomas Kost action in three sets

after A seemingly pierced night wakes commissioner Thiel without memory and with a headache in a hotel room - in the company of Prof. Boerne. To all, there is an immediate vicinity in the immediate vicinity of the corpse of Thiels old boss, with which he did not go into good at that time. The indications burden Commissioner Thiel hard and he and Prof. Boerne do everything to prove Thiels innocence.

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What is it really?

Friendship, Father Child Relations and Restless Ghosts of the Past.

Best Scene

as Prof. Boerne at once concentrated women's power is facing. His eternal assistant "Alberich" and a former female student, who is also a court physician today, impressively violate the Oh fine professor and the opinion of the opinion. There it is even a prof. Boerne the language!

What annoys?

that a true feeling nose has lost to Prof. Boerne, is nothing new. Once again, he solves alone, only on the basis of some pictures, half the case. Same Procedure AS Every Time.

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What was special?

The unfamiliar emotionality of Commissioner Frank Thiel. His unwanted amnesia makes him powerful, his desperation and helplessness are clearly felt and give a whole new picture of the actually rather prey and word cargage investigators.

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that surprises

Thiel and beans have probably become really true friends. Who would have thought that.

corpse factor

We only get Thiels dead ex-boss. Again and again, however, there is talk of other dead.

From normal to totally driven

3 of 5

who like it?

fans of Thiel and Boerne are definitely at their expense: nothing comes too short, neither bernetic narcissism nor Thiels Hanfliebender father or prosecutant Wilhelmine Klemm, who seemingly trying to stop smoking - or why else does they always get a cigarette in The mouth, but then leans the offered fire then? It is a very personal case, therefore less a crime scene and more a feature film. However, one of the entertaining variety.

The crime scene "The Devil Long Breath" runs this Sunday, January 16th, at 20.15 clock in the first and is available after the broadcast for seven days in the ARD media library.

Text: Lena Artle

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